Sociofugal Dreams

Enter my heart glad spirit, I’m free

Samples and more doors to open deeply here

And there there there dear go to sleep now

Behind each door a shadow lurks deeply

Forbidding what is of me, a mongrel dog, to

Getherness and all the cordial facilities of

Manhood, womanhood sprang up deeply now

And then a voice would call me from beneath my youth of

Fering me what it will I cannot grasp it

Inerant flesh, itinerant love, itinerant life

Preservers floating deeply in black seas of life

Long ambitions whetted, enjoined there

There there dear go to sleep now.

© 2018 What's That On the Road – A Head
Magic Vision | Design: NET-TEC of Parkett. Coding: Kaminofen of Tischdekoration.