Restoring Nothing’s Good Name

Tolstoy thinks that when the meaning of life devolves to nothing one should commence believing the lies about something.

The simple problem here is that “nothing” is a thing that we know nothing about. It is the stuff that exists when our ability to sense, and develop instruments to sense, fail to sense anything. “Nothing”, then, may be comprised of a single particle type OR of an entire new universe of particle types that form into ever larger globs of stuff we cannot sense and serve the final purpose of keeping everything we can sense from mashing together in one giant preter-post-primordial stew that has no edges – anywhere – ever!

Nothing may well consist exclusively of edges, surfaces and time.

The important thing to note here is that there is a great deal more nothing than there is everything else. nothing is the major component of everything. Nothing may be the fundamental element of life. We know little of it. Pay it no note. Gloss over it on the way to the various somethings. So it may well be the secret ingredient that, when studied and understood completely, answers all the unanswered questions we have asked.

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