Another Likelihood

The Sculptor’s Word

gradually, in your mind, i will render it –
carve away all the words i do not choose,
twist your mouth into a classic irony
with regetful filling up the eyes lower lids,
and shape the full-born essence of this grand figure
for you to touch and see.

The collection of shapes
made from the whole cloth
of concepts in my mind
and humanized,
in the scope of the poet’s stone,
into the magnum opus – statuary
now forming in your imagination.

Without the power of the word
            there is no god.
without the force of the imagination
            there is no word.
without the purest sense of self
            there is no imagination.

it is imagination that creates and sustains me.
i fold back into the energy force of the cosmos but, for it.
an eddy current backwashed into a quiet continuum pool,
an incidental spark of will gradually coalescing
its latency into an accidental order,
one fundamental coherency; akin to the formation of a galaxy,
nebula, sun, planet, rock, ocean, plankton…

Not from one overbearing power but,
from one singular “Always”.
The rock-solid “never-has-not-been”
from which all things emerge –
into which all things evanesce.

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