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Asperity Du Jour

Today I met myself coming back 
from being young…I was still happy - 
it was the wind, I think
Its gold-white, sunshine smell 
in fresh, green-breeze ripples 
across a mind that fields still wander

I eased along the crystal perceptions 
learning how to be taught, wishing to be loved, 
in desperate ways and sudden dreams
of interstitial pageants, those acts between sorrows,
made of space torn from the holes
In the tapestry our twilight spirits rove

across the chasm of conscience
I strode with new purpose
and subtle fears creeping at the edges
shaping my perceptions into realities 
I wished to never know
(The reluctant poet makes 
the most rigorous rhyme)

My Main Bag

Today I received a package in the mail. When I opened it I found 
a bag that was about 10 inches around and 16 inches long. It had a 
drawstring closure at one end and the string was tied with a 
thief's knot.
I immediately started to work the knot loose to see if anything was 
inside. As I opened the top of the bag a small white tag that was 
sewn into the seam of the bag's mouth became visible. The tag read: 
                 "Always Expect A Cat"
      "Do not remove this tag under penalty of law"

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