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If You Had Asked

I would have told you

a penny saved is dead weight 
in your pocket  on the mountainside

that worry will keep you 
from important things
and love can interfere 
with almost all things human
(and is, sometimes, worth it)

That games are very difficult 
to win if you aren't the one 
who makes the rules
so most competitions devolve 
to rigging the game

it is important to kiss and not tell 
- word will almost always get back 
to the spouse and there will be a great fuss 

giving and receiving are not
subject to lex talionis -
a punch, kick or slight, given 
at the pinnacle of strength
will, most surely, be received
at its most inconvenient nadir

and when the days seem long
and difficult to endure
be patient and circumspect;
they will be much shorter
when you have the chance 
to look back on them

when deploying, against cavalry,
form the hollow square

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