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What If November

What if November comes and I am still here 
and the dullness and lack of vision persists. 
The laughter only comes when I visit a place where it lives, 
like getting a New York parking spot by buying a car that's in one.

And if the days pass like flipping pages in a table-bound book 
and the edges and spaces and stories and pictures lace together 
In a halting video performance out of the early days of cinema 
and my cup doth not run at all; much less over

…and I still wait for Godot and find nothing in my shaken boot 
but the remains of last week's look there 
and a sad feeling that this will happen some more.

The days are shorter than I think I remember them 
and I look at the calendar and am not surprised but, dismayed 
at where the date has gone to and the month I know I'm in 
is the one that I was sure I would be over this in. 

So the fountains don't play anymore 
and I don't seem to care very much about them 
but I remember, with a pang - faintly, 
             hoping I would.

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