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How Time’s Track is Sometimes Misplaced

He awoke noticing that the flames were starting to melt the soles 
of his sneakers. He rolled over to face Congolia and said: 
"There is no way we are going to beat this fire down the ravine! 
I think we're going to be here till its over." 

They, discussing the social significance of the rising price of 
concord grapes and fresh-caught sole, died in the flames. 

Later, when the river was dammed and the ravine had been filled 
with fresh water for several decades, a motor boat passed over 
their remains and its single passenger caught an undersized 
land-locked salmon directly over what once was their Saturday 
Bocce court. No one noticed.

The fisherman had been using an hand-made smelt lure and later 
that day noticed that his hands smelled fishy.

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