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Why I Was Young Once

Why I Was Young Once
            a working hypothesis (rocks back)
It was the wind, I think,
Whistling in the shrouds of daytime
Tinkling in now-and-ever's chimes 
with forgivefulness coloring every scorn

Maybe, (catching edge) almost, later,
Pricking those needful times
Dashed, perhaps, like stones on sand
To lie - unbroken puppies - in sun and sky

It was the chiaroscuro sky , Looking Up, 
along that streaming vision, 
(our reflecting eyes)
Into that half-dark mirror

perhaps the smell of blue, then,
of that cashmere sweater
And the edges her nipples made
In that rippled sea of deepening age

I think - her breath,
Warm and wet on my neck and ear
And hand, with fingers, as happy as sky;
Smooth as nap hair 

On my thigh and dreams
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