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Is It Just Me?

Is It Just Me – Bloviatorius Rex

Okay it’s just me then
I’ll take it anyway

we’re here on a bet
of forever
yours to skeedadle
mine as keeping on

and with all that
in exuberant tones
he kissed its mortal ass and flew
over the entropy pool
disseminating condoms

chasing hunters from whales and baby seals
as ecstatic in the grief he had
as you in whatever
you wished you had

Ploy Awoy

Ploy Awoy – by Fat Guy (with beard – aiming low)

Who would ever
be this glib
to cut the rope
to rock the crib

and send the clowns
out for lark
and all for one
and one for dark

let this our anthem
sung in joy
tell them all
it was a ploy

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