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What you will find when you get there…

The best leaders do not seek consensus they create (mold) it.

Drucker (and others of his mindset) like to “sneak up on consensus” using tools like the following:

The Westerner and the Japanese man mean something different when they talk of “making a decision.” In the West, all the emphasis is on the answer to the question. To the Japanese, however, the important element in decision making is defining the question. The crucial steps are to decide whether there is a need for a decision and what the decision is about. And it is in that step that the Japanese aim at attaining consensus. Indeed, it is this step that, to the Japanese, is the essence of decision. The answer to the question (what the West considers the decision) follows from its definition. During the process that precedes the decision, no mention is made of what the answer might be. . . . Thus the whole process is focused on finding out what the decision is really about, not what the decision should be (Drucker 1974).

Jerry says that it is therefore axiomatic that if one controls the questions asked, one controls consensus.
(it’s hard to lose the game when you are the one making the rules!)

There follows an excerpt from the “lead-in” to one of my “Come to Jesus” staff meetings at Wang Labs:

“It’s not primarily about our working long hours for what some say is scant recognition; it is, almost exclusively, about whether or not we all give a damn about the intrinsic value and quality of
our work product. And whether or not our customers can see that in what we do and how we carry ourselves!
I came here today to tell you all that I love this job and what we do here. I want fervently to work with people who feel that way too. I would encourage any who do not share these feelings to please leave those of us who do to our struggles. We wish you well but, wish you to go and not interfere with our mission. I don’t expect you to answer me here today but, if you do stay I will take it to mean that you are “all in” and I will, hence foward, treat you exactly as if that were the truth.”

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