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Any frangible object occupying the pre-kinetic temporal space
 of about-to-be-dashed-to-the floor, may be properly referred to 
as a smither. Once the kinetics transpire, a resulting subelement 
is rightly designated a smithereen.

That adumbrative in place, a single member of a culture that has 
undergone or is undergoing diaspora (The Jews out of Babylon, 
Romani - Gypsys - out of India, Messenians out of Sparta) may 
be described as smithereenesque .

A manager (Joe) and a salesman with whom I worked were standing 
in the hotel hallway after our seminar presentation. As I approached 
them there came from the opposite direction a young woman of 
approximately 140 pounds wearing  a 120 pound-test leather pants 
and jacket outfit. She passed them just before I reached them. 
After she had passed, Alex turned and said to Joe: "Zaftic!" and then 
immediately looked at me and asked: "Do you know what that yiddish 
word means?" Having no yiddish in my vocabulary I resorted to mental 
comparison with things I did know. Reaching for my well-honed 
"cross domain mapping" tool, I replied: "Marginally Rubenesque!".

Vocabulary (especially with metaphoric sweep - culture) is your 
friend. The more of it you know the more about the world you can 
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