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Amphigory Schmamphigory; Twiddle This Metaphore!!

Vocabulary, metaphor, rhyme and rhythm  conspiring as an exercise for R.A.S. development work wonders for the spirit as well as the mind. Poetry, prose and simple verbal discourse all can provide opportunity for R.A.S. feeding by looking for chances to deploy new word patterns, higher minded vocabulary, interestingly unique metaphore, rhyme and rhythms.

Many poets use amphigory as an exercise to reinforce their poetic resources and style. Amphigory is usually poetry that has well formed metaphors, perfect rhyme and meter and is utterly meaningless.


A flat-bottomed horse awash in a sea of despair
A freshly-feathered artichoke leaps into the air
The moon like a giant doughnut falls to the shape of a hook
And all the pigs in swaddling stood in the night air and shook.

Say “good night” Jerry! 

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