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Stones In A Twist

Our lives and loves are songs and we, the poets who write and sing them. Shadow Song


I create a palette of words from which my tongue and pen paint  images upon the canvasses  of imagination. 



Metaphor – abstract symbol manipulation. The highest form of culture. We abstract the essence of elements of our world (and our imagination) and manipulate them such that they create images in the minds of others in synchrony with our attitudes and intent.


Ideas like viri need an host to live. They can remain dormant for many years and spring to life within an appropriate host. We make some intricate marks on a piece of paper (or stone, clay or canvas) and leave it where others may one day find it. They pick it up and decipher it; interpret its meaning and the idea emerges;  rampant and infectious.


Beware then, the bitch that bore him WILL be in heat again!


Place a dab of luxuriance upon the palette we use.
 The one from which I draw the hues.
 These with which to force our need upon the fabric 
             that will be the tapestry we live.
 A touch,  the artist's brush, into that  puddle.
 A wanton sweep over the work in progress.
 You, in variant hues and shades imbue, coruscate, bedazzle.
 Limning that which he so deeply...feels. What else?
 Thy will,
        my will
              it's will
                      be done                     
                                and not yet over.
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