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Pensee – Marketing & The Language of Influence

Observe here the value (by feeling the effect) of putting words/concepts together that produce unusual perceptual contrasts. The first here is the equivalent of the youth in the white toga riding on the fierce battle chariot through the city of Rome. He was placed there Beside the Roman general responsible for the latest Roman victory. As they charge down the streets of Rome to the tumultuous cheering of the throng, the boy’s job is to stay on the charging chariot and repeat so the general can hear: “General, victory is a fleeting thing!”


Long ago I developed this little vignette to clarify my fundamental view of “faith” and its metaphorical value.


Picture two men standing at the edge of an extremely high cliff overlooking a vast jumble of rocks below. Now one of these men fervently believes that he can fly. The other, with absolute certainty, knows that he cannot. Standing there at the edge there is no difference between them physically, mentally or emotionally due to their different beliefs. However, give them both a shove over the edge and one of them will have a much better trip than the other!


Having a fundamental anchor in a consistent, organized  life philosophy will give you the necessary focus to help you find your way through difficult times.  “Just hold this feather in your trunk, Dumbo, and you can fly!”.


Then there is the comment made after an important race to a group of partisan supporters: “Our guy came in an HEROIC second place while our archrival came in a dismal next to last!”


 Note: It was a two man race!


Once, long, long ago, my very young daughter awoke crying in the midst of a nightmare. I hurried to her room and took her in my arms. As she calmed down I asked her what had happened. She pointed vaguely to the wall beside her bed and said simply: “A Monster!”. I got onto the bed and crawled to the wall and asked: “Right here?” She nodded vigorously. I started patting and gently rubbing the wall, motioned for her to come to me and suggested

that she give the monster under my hand a hug and maybe a kiss. She looked at my with that “are you out of your loving mind look?”. I said: “If a monster comes to visit wouldn’t it be a better thing to become his friend? Maybe then he wouldn’t want to scare you any more.” She did. Monster nightmares didn’t happen after that.


Hug your monsters. Running from them in fear doesn’t make for a good or reasonable life!


Expressing things in a different way, carefully thought out makes all the difference. EG.

A fellow asked his minister if it would be okay to smoke in church. The Minister was horrified at the mere suggestion and rebuked him for his foolishness. When the fellow told his friend about the event his friend told him that he had asked the wrong question. He should have asked the Minister if it would be okay if he prayed while he was smoking!

Birthing Mirror

an inchoate blackness bled into the waning gray,
cloistering in its chiaroscuro brooding.
a restless sweep, its deliberate cloak, insinuating
that pallid geist onto the remains of our precious day.
Ardorous night; beguile, delight, I steal your restless soul,
with sudden attention, away with these accidental disguises.
she, a woman – I, not;
looking together at separate pieces
up along the streaming vision of our reflecting eyes
into that half-dark mirror, slicing twain;
that one infinite, inaccessible
this one less so…

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