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Schopenhauer spin in your skivvies!

Why aren’t Schopenhauer’s “will to live” and  Nietzsche’s “will to power”  adjacent sides of the same prism with the third side being an innate recognition of the 2nd law of thermodynamics. The human psyche understands entropy (when you snooze you lose!) and objects at rest eventually get eaten by objects on the move, roaming and hungry. The base competitive situation in which all creatures exist make the “best defense is a good offense” strategy an odds-on favorite. Preemptive strikes most often are easier to make productive and survive. Hit-and-run, Sartorius style assaults seek to weaken superior opponents, make them wary of the locale and seek other, easier places to forage.

The “will to power” then is part and parcel of the will to live. It is preemptive strategy aimed squarely at survival.




Smiles came

and made me to cry

        and laugh

and then to sigh

with depth… and  insight

         into that kiss

that made me die…

in those two eyes

       caressing the night



Smiles that make me cry

laughs that force a sigh

tears that make me laugh

a kiss from which to die

eyes that love the night

and hands that carry light

arms that know no fear

ears to bring her near

a mind that sees the storm

to hearts that wont transform

and will that makes it real

for  sovereign souls to feel






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