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The BO Plan

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Venezuela and Chavez are a great example of the BO Strategy


Chavez rails on and on at the U.S.’ crap over the past 50 years. Obama deflects with light humor (I was only 3 when many of these things happened so you can’t blame me.).  But he also brings to light that Chavez (and many of his supporters)  are wallowing in “old mud” and that Obama IS change in the making. Adumbrative posturing like this adds a shadow of carrot/stick possibilities for those listening with more than just ears.


Moreover it raises the following issues/sentiments:


   A. You can’t possibility expect to move forward and solve the current problems with your head embedded up the ass of the past.

  B. How can you not recognize that I am the living incarnation of the new attitudes that will begin the healing of the evils of the past: just look at how we are different.

  C. If you don’t see that the world is, today, connected (look at how many of your own constituents look with hopeful eyes to me) how are you going to be a part of and contribute to any important solutions?


If there is a way to bring us out of this morass into which we have marched, Obama is more likely than most to be able to to find it. If he does he will be recorded as a “World Changer”!!


So the strategy in action is, without precondition, to sit down with ANY world leader that will and discuss any and all issues however difficult. With each “sitting” enhancing BO’s popularity as he is seen working courageously and continuously at breaking down the barriers to success. He will “sally out to meet the adversary” demonstrating openness, courage, intelligence, keen insight and compassionate commitment to worldwide interconnectedness.


He and his team will continue to pursue this strategy and then pick and choose from this new collection of “contacts” those with which to “network” and deal in the short run. All the while continuing to ramp up the dialogue with an ever widening array of leaders in and out of the traditional political arena.


These meetings “showcase” his/our resolve to be open and connected while focusing all of our energies on solving the world-wide problems that face us. And do this while providing a direct and visible contrast between his forward-looking positive attitudes and those of the past-dwellers and fear mongers who would remain a part of the problem.


These meetings will also be learning opportunities for him and staff. They, for the first time, get to focus on the actual crisis issues from “the horses mouth”. Knowledge is power! The entire world is watching BO everyday while he seeks to deliver the most powerful of messages from the most powerful “bully pulpit” ever created: WORLD VIEW.


This he is doing right out in the open where all can see. He stands before largely adoring crowds beside their chosen (and less adored) leader and extends the open hand of positivism, friendly relationship and intelligent, willing cooperation; asking only that they please stop the ugliness and, rather, do what they can to advance our collective abilities to overcome adversity.


If success can be had over all this turmoil this mechanism is most likely to produce it. If not then it, at least, will bring us back onto the world stage interacting positively versus defending negatively.


If you always shoot for the moon you will at least wind up on top of more of the hills!

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