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Sailing Sweet


Sweet succor entreat

transcendental revelry

Intercedent life


The joy of day ascendant

beguile, smile, indulge, exult

Bo’sun Bright


deckhand sing our days

Making days light; full with smiles

Minds keep time and step


All done within one short week

the smiles and songs linger on


Captain Wizard


Captain’s summer wind

Winds within the blue-gray bay

Holding us in thrall


Gifts delivered in new ways

Drift on white sails filled with hope


Meaning in Me(taphore)


In thinking about the ways a poet can develop meaning and conveyance one must first study the poet. One must “be one” with the forces of hir (sic) life, times and currency. For me the word poet is always the bodacious, artful (with words, meaning, emotions, verity and candor) flexible and heartful bohemian. The word “song” always represents the poet’s “soul”, the inner presence, temper and essence that each of us “builds” and “sings” alone to each other and the cosmos.


I am in love with Edna St Vincent Milay (she, an icon for women broadly like that). I do not know her, but I love the dark, smoky, wanton, fearful, bold…her expression provokes a kind of lust (maybe actual) based entirely upon intellectual expression and its provocative blending with my (offbeat) taste.


That all said, this poem is an attempt to capture all of those facts and purvey them in a manner that plays peek-a-boo with various impressions that can be had from the value of the actual words.




Remember a poet is metaphor…



Is this a surreptitious meeting between two lovers or a metaphor for a first meeting

between two people where there is an immediate recognition of deep connection?

I meet you in the shadows

We walk into the sun


Now connected and advancing the connection (in mind)?

then talk and laugh and kiss a bit

Our time is so soon done


He looses the idea that they are (this is) daydreaming?

And then as all our senses

Do reverie entreat

Dreaming on – as heat’s contagious ripple leapt and kept their fires alive?

There is no bliss denied us there

In love’s surrounding heat


He picks up thinking of the dream spent and that wonderful sense that

humans often feel; in awful acceptance and away with an intellectual

fillip, with their own artificial morality?

There may be things in heaven

That even angels fear

And sometimes even paths to hell

A mortal can hold dear


boldly advancing beyond and back to dreams aftermath?

But I’m in fear of nothing

With your beauty in my eyes

Your smell and taste upon my lips

From loving enterprise


And days not all over when they’re done.

Back to the mortal and consequences thereto?

For now within this living web

These memories ere belong

And so if it is actually a reverie then nothing changes except the induced

knowledge and concomitant memories?

Of undiminished passions and

A poet and her song


Or…this is a tryst with the dreams of mortals merging with the sensual realities

of passions heat and it’s intellectual legacy?


A kind of blending of “oh the joy of winning were she won” with sweet recollections

of moments past and dreams so real I taste them.


And there you sit, looking bold dreams into my classic face

Dreaming art into our love…



Or…just a big, juicy slice of life; out loud.



Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now?

I like to think that she would like, as much as I, to kiss – to touch and hold; lingering lips and tongues alive with a frission’s illicit spark. As ardor inspires,  the continuous drool, the large, single, blacked tooth all seem somehow to enhance her allure in the grey-black smoke from the Harley’s exhaust.

Enthusiasm & Stuff

Don’t be humble arbitrarily; be humble when you need to be. Find out when that is from “school” and from practice.Think more of yourself and there is more of you. A person who lacks enthusiasm never develops it in another. Results come in proportion to enthusiasm applied. Enthusiasm is simply “This is great! Here’s why.”

Three steps to its development:

Dig into it deeper. Know it thoroughly from all sides and angles. Make it your own.

In everything you do Life it up.
      I’m GLAD to see YOU again.
      How ARE YOU??

Broadcast good news. Everyone ramps up attention for a good news broadcast.
Remember the Eric Fromm quote. “Man seeks for drama and excitement; when he cannot get satisfaction on a higher level he creates for himself the drama of destruction.”

Be the voice of good, uplifting thoughts and feelings.
     I love you.
     I am so glad to see you.
     I believe in you.
     I knew you could do it.
     Wow you sure aced that one.
     Nice job.
     Well done.
     I was thinking of you yesterday and brought this quote along for you.
     You are going to be great at this.
     What do you think of this idea?
     I need your opinion on this.
     Thank you so much for your input.
     I value your comments.
     I know we can do this and I am excited about the opportunity.

Don’t hog glory; invest it. Praise is power. When you get praise, share it.

Make a Johari window chart and keep it current. Understand and refocus your interpersonal relationships with those who most affect.

Get your family on your team. Give then planned attention. Don’t suffer over them and make them painfully aware of the sacrifices you make for them. Plan little, inexpensive but thoughtful surprises of attention. Include them in all that you do. Make them a vicarious part of the life you spend away from them. Seek their advice and tell them how you used it when you do.

Always be willing (eager) to take on more – capacity is a state of mind. Taking on more is how we grow. It forces better management of resources in those that are wicked smart.

Don’t delegate to shift blame for failure; delegate for growth/success now and in the future. Practice managing “without portfolio”. Getting people to do things for you and having great judgment about what to do are the two most useful (and telling) management credentials. Come by your authority by virtue of your value to those who fall within its scope. Take charge of what you do and assume that all around you want it, themselves and you to succeed.

Say “you” and “we” far more often than you say “I”.

Develop the practice of referring to what you are working on as “our” efforts and anything related to the town office, NCC or Newport as “we” or “us”.

Phones could sound like this: “Jerry Connelly at Newport.”

The Municipal Facility and its denizens are Newport to those who need to deal with “it”. Make “it” live.

Change the scope and promise of all that is you…live larger, be larger. Let pettiness fall away as you move forward. Let all who come within your ken know you for your grandness, your uplifting attitude and your infectious positivism. Believe it – do it! Say it so – make it so. Quiet confidence, self discipline and emotional control.

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