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Another unfinished vignette…

Now there is a song deep within my head, ringing softly ,sweetly as I go about my daily toil. It is the song of decades past and the warm glow of dump fires casting red-orange reflections in the eyes of my partner and forcing me, in a most profound way, to the brink of, at once, revulsion and arousal.

Finish this story…


He placed the carrot next to his hunting ax on the saddle and slowly, carefully reached into his utility belt for the remains of his rawhide whip.

If You Think About It…

You ride your horse around the plains. You come upon a stand of oak trees. You ride to them to see what they hold. EDGES!


You are on the water. Sailing the wide blue ocean. Flat for miles with the endless undulation of the rolling sea. A sudden fresh breeze perks up. You adjust your sails. You man the tiller, ready for what’s next! EDGES!!


Work-a-day world. You sit at you desk and go over the morning production reports. You check the Wall Street Journal for stock information on your personal portfolio.  You read the Quality Assurance reports on last week’s  shipments.  Your  top supervisor of production drops by your office and hands you his resignation letter! EDGES!


Life’s interest is at the EDGES! Where this turns to that. Where straight turns to zig. Where calm turns to panic. Where the heel meets the dirt!!

Edge of Night


Can there be today a clarion voice that makes the fog subside

And lift the awful sense of dread from our life’s eventide

That shines the faithful light of truth upon the lane ahead

And grants contentment, grace and joy to lie with us instead

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