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Mind Scape

I wonder what it’s like to sit and gaze out on the morn
and see through eyes that love, the dusty, dream-full scape of dawn

A Separate Peace (piece?)

i see your face au natural.
i know your heart on secret things.
i see you unkempt in the morning.
i know you fears and dreads.
i see your selfness lurking behind all your outward reaches & philanthropies.

you ask “How do I look??”
                I tell you: “Great!”
                I support you.
                You think I lie.

You ask: “How do I look?”
                  I tell you: “That make-up makes you look like a cross between
                                      a trailer-park whore and a Gypsy sideshow broadside.”
                 You say I don’t support you.
                 You think I lie.

On The Water

At the edge of night,

where daylight  is but a hint of possibility,

I left on life’s vast ocean:

       a heart without its crutch

           a mind with little tooth

a touch without much art

     and  a threads-of-reason skein lacking only color…

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