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Plagerize, Plagerize; That’s Why god Made Your Eyes

4 beautiful lines stolen from Cuz!! and a tip of the hat to
 Dylan Thomas, Andrew Marvel and countless others who's
 epaulettes display dung scrapings from my barnyard heels.

What do we know my dumb dears
how long the days, how quick the years.
How shadows cast in morning light
are brief compared to those at night
(villany ends )

you lift your chalice, hold it high
with wine to to toast a grim goodbye
and mask the longing in your soul
that kept us ever from our goal

those songs we sang by light of day
then softly in the dark gave way
when streams reflected from our eye
rent that chiaroscuro sky

and tore through holes in cloth we wove
those feckless threads our spirits rove
our sprung rhythms, our voices died
and left a tuneless eventide

then trees made cracks in forest drab
the sun through which the night could stab
and flow the blood of earthly day
to cover all the hearts dismay

driven to ponder, dread and fear
those final tests we hold so dear
and to discover in the deal
not everything that's felt is real

those doors before us open wide
their secrets they no longer hide
and we; perplexed, dismayed, confused
our wanton fates lay bare: subdued

it ends, it doesn't and who might care
we're here for lark - for devil's dare
surprised, the sun knows we're done
and we the ones that made it run

the good day's gone and starry night
and gentle so we end the light
and pass it on without a rage
to write our name on that last page

Turkish Noodle

a poem is a little lamb
Turned out in artful guise
To gambol round the poets orb
And frolic in his wise

Is It Just Me?

Is It Just Me – Bloviatorius Rex

Okay it’s just me then
I’ll take it anyway

we’re here on a bet
of forever
yours to skeedadle
mine as keeping on

and with all that
in exuberant tones
he kissed its mortal ass and flew
over the entropy pool
disseminating condoms

chasing hunters from whales and baby seals
as ecstatic in the grief he had
as you in whatever
you wished you had

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