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Barking Porpoise Chronicles

onbay.jpgToday’s adventure saw us Sailing Muscongus with svsarahmead.jpgCaptain Nate and Captain Randy aboard the S/V Sarah Mead once again. Last week we got the “Eagle Cruise” and this week was every bit as engaging. We sailed from Muscongus Harbor across the sound and through the “cut” between Louds and Hog island, waved at Coombs Ledge and headed generally toward Franklin Lighthouse. As we were sailing across the bay we were followed by a seal (Captain Nate speaks their language and I think I heard the seal say: “Yes Sir” at least once) and spotted what could only have been the extremely rare Barking Porpoises of Muscongus bay! Soon after we saw lots of feathers floating on the water and naturally assumed that Barking Porpoises eat seagulls! The amazing thing about chartering a cruise with Sail Muscongus is that they are able to come up with these interesting cruises “on the fly” and never charge extra for “Eagle Cruises” or “Barking Porpoise” cruises.

Plenty of wild life (in the ocean too), terrific scenery, expert sailing on an historic boat in wonderful company. We are definitly going to try our 16 ft Wayfarer Dinghy in Muscongus Sound and have already booked another charter aboard the Sarah Mead. Sail Muscongus also charters cruises out to Monhegan Island and back and that is also looming large in our “Vagabond Sailor Dreams”.

Tanrenga – Haiku 

         as focused by Sail Muscongus cruising.


Captain’s summer wind

Winds within the blue-gray bay

Holding us in thrall


Gifts delivered in new ways

Drift on white sails filled with hope

Sail Muscongus!!

Tried a day on the water in Muscongus bay today. Sailed on the Friendship Sloop Sarah Mead with Captain Randy Jones. Simply wonderful! The Captain, a very competent sailor with a complete knowledge of the area, custom crafted a three hour tour of the area between Louds and Hogs island and the mainland from Round Pond in Bristol and back up to the Audobon  Society facilities at the head of Hogs island. Sail Muscongus CAptainsThe Sarah Mead

They are very flexible and will adjust any cruise to suit the interests of the current passengers. We are small boat sailors (16 ft wayfarer dinghy) with some interest in sailing out of Muscongus Harbor. The Captain made sure to show us the safest passages and gave us the “real skinny” on problem areas and how to deal with them. While we were coming back to harbor we were treated to the sighting of nesting bald eagles on Hogs island. The Captain immediately dubbed our sail “The Eagle Cruise”. Great place, great people, great boat!

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