Greenville Selectmen's Meeting
December 06, 2000 6:30 PM
Greenville Municipal Building

1. Minutes from Previous Meetings

2. Greenville Housing Corporation: I have forwarded to the Selectmen a second abatement request received from Greenville Housing Corporation (GHC). I have also sent you information about development of a housing authority and related options, as prepared by Erik Stumpfel of Eaton & Peabody. I have worked with GHC to send appropriate requests for assistance to the Congressional Delegation. I recommend that any action the Board takes tonight be mindful of our pending request to our Congressman and U.S. Senators to help GHC receive approval for the four additional subsidized units: Durwood explains that this would make it easier for the GHC to fund its growing costs, including taxes.

3. TIF Request: There is a business in town looking to expand and they are interested in participating in a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district. I will have more details for you at the meeting.

4. Selection of Firm for Engineering Services – Public Works Garage / Recycling Center: We are currently out to bid for design services for our new building. I have received several requests for additional information from various firms. I expect that we will have several proposals to consider at the meeting. Bids close at 5:00 PM Wednesday, December 6, 2000.

5. Discussion of Initial Plans for Municipal Building Improvements: Architect Andy Royal will be present to share his initial plans for the current Municipal building. Please ask as many questions or concerns or suggestions which you may have, to assist Andy in his direction.

6. Meeting with DEP Regarding Landfill: I have informed the Board previously of the outcome of the landfill inspection held in Greenville two weeks ago. I will meet Tuesday, December 5 in Bangor with DEP officials and Shawn Small, our engineer from CES, Inc. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the resolution of the proposed corrective action for ground water pollution at the site, and also our financial requirements for the eventual closure of the site. I will update the Board Wednesday what was discussed at Tuesday's meeting.

7. Meeting with MDOT Regarding Airport: Wednesday, November 27, I met with FAA and MDOT officials in Augusta, along with Greenville's engineers from Dufresne-Henry. The tone of the MDOT and the FAA was much different from what I perceived from correspondence in the recent past. With the MDOT and the FAA's help, we worked out a tentative schedule for accomplishing the major improvements cited in the Airport Master Plan Update (AMPU). Moreover, we discussed the availability of state and federal dollars for snowplowing equipment, brush-cutting equipment, and even a terminal building. For all of the above, both the state and the federal government representatives were very supportive, offering in combination 95% payment for most of these costs. Mike Thornton and I are working on a equipment request to go in the MDOT budget. I will have more details for you at the meeting.

8. Holiday Party for Employees: Plans for this year's holiday party for employees have been evolving in recent weeks. I would like the Board to approve this gathering and subsequent expense: we will have details at the meeting. I understand this worked well in previous years, and I greatly favor such an act of recognition for the hard work of our employees.

9. Warrants

10. Adjourn

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