Greenville Selectmen's Meeting
December 5, 2001 - 6:30 PM at Greenville Municipal Building

1. Minutes

2. Town's Position Regarding Facilities for Department of Conservation and Inland Fisheries and Wildlife: Representative Sharon Libby Jones has requested a meeting of the Town, Department of Conservation, and Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to discuss proposals to move or consolidate these facilities. These proposals have not come from the Town of Greenville. In discussion with local officials from each of the two state departments, it is clear that there is strong concern that resources might be forfeited if the facilities change. Still, there is always a gain in total tax valuation when exempt property returns to the tax rolls. I have sent you a memo outlining my suggestion for a position for the Town: retain all current resource levels in each department, remove a facility from the lakefront only when convenient and efficient for either department, provided first caveat is met. The meeting was scheduled for Thursday of this week, but has been post-poned indefinetly.

3. Police Department Presentation:Police Chief Duane Alexander will be present to share an update on the Police Department, including the recently-purchased used police cruiser from the State of Maine.

4. 4. Airport Issues:I will share with you my written response to questions submitted to me by the clerk for Piscataquis County on behalf of the State's Unorganized Territories administrator. Convincing two sets of County Commissioners to add airport reserve funds tot heir UT budgets may have been the easy part: the Town will have to convince the UT administrator and ultimately the Maine Legislature that these requests are valid and appropriate uses of UT tax revenues.

Furthermore, I would like the Selectmen's permission to pursue tree harvesting along the edge of runway 3-21 (crosswinds runway), on the east side where new hangars are destined to go. If we could secure a contractor who would clear this section of land for only the value of the stumpage (therefore costing the town $0), we could take advantage of an offer from a potential leasee who would like to develop his own lot and help us to develop the other lots as well as the necessary gravel taxiway and access road. I have spoken with him, and he is willing to only be paid when these lots are leased, provided we collect the necessary surcharge from them to reimburse him. The one thing he is not prepared to do is clear the lots of trees. I think this would be a good project to accomplish while the ground is frozen.

5. Landfill Issues - Update on DEP Inspection, Financial Assurances, and Mandatory Recycling: At 1:30 PM on Wednesday, December 5, I have scheduled a meeting with Karen Knuuti of the DEP, Shawn Small of CES., Inc., and David Eastman, our landfill contractor. The purpose of the meeting is to clarify with the DEP what, if anything, is keeping us out of compliance. I believe the issues we discussed a year ago have been completed satisfactorily: I want to see if the DEP concurs with my analysis. Also to be discussed is the financial assurance component of our compliance with the DEP. I am suggesting, as per the direction I heard at the last meeting where this was discussed, that we focus on stronger agreements with all entities who contribute to the landfill. Such agreements, and a more aggressive reserve account appropriation, should place us into compliance (demonstrating to the DEP that we have the financial means to close the landfill and to maintain it after closure when necessary). Finally, I will discuss with the Board the merits of mandatory recycling. I strongly believe that pulling more recyclable material from the waste stream will save us money in the long run.

6. "Murray Place" Rename: Attached please find the handwritten suggestions for a new name for Murray Place as submitted by one of the two property owners on the street. I would like the Board to select one of the names so that we can adjust it on our maps, at the PSO, with Verizon, and the post office. The suggestions are "Thurston Lane", "Beaver Lane", and "Skunk Hollow". Any of these choices to Murray Place, which is easily confused with Murray Street, a similarity which could delay the arrival of emergency services.

7. Streetlight request from Frances Bryant - Beech Street: Frances Bryant has asked me several times about getting a streetlight placed near her residence on Beech Street. I have told her such requests typically go before the voters at Town Meeting, but that we may be able to swap locations for an existing light. I would like to review our streetlight inventory with CMP, and identify potential lights which may be removed. I would ask for direction from the Board of Selectmen for how to accomplish this. For example, if I have a request from a resident to have a streetlight removed from a given street, would it be sufficient to call each property owner and ask their opinion and report back to the Board, or would you prefer a public hearing on the same? I think we could re-allocate our current streetlights and get more light for our buck than we are right now.

8. Right-turn-only designation for Beech Street: One suggestion which came from a recent visit by Red Robbins of the Traffic Division for the MDOT was to make the exit from Beech Street Right Turn Only, so that drivers would not enter Pritham Avenue blind due to the hill by the overpass. By statute, the municipal officers have the authority to set such a sign. In discussion with our Police Chief, he reports that this has not been a problem during his tenure. The only advantage I see from making this change is that it will protect local drivers and answer the liability question, ‘what is the Town doing about this blind entrance?’. The only disadvantage would be the inconvenience to local drivers and the added traffic over Brook and Maple streets. I reserve any recommendation to the Board as I see equal pros and cons on the issue.

9. Bingo License for the Holy Family Catholic Church Standard renewal. I recommend approval.

10. Warrants

11. Adjourn

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