Greenville Selectmen's Meeting
November 21, 2001 - 6:30 PM at Greenville Municipal Building

1. Minutes - there are a large number of old minutes to be approved as prepared by Secretary Sharon Libby Jones. These were put in your folders earlier in the month, but no action was taken at the last meeting. Recommend these be resolved.

2. Tax Abatements and Supplements: Town Clerk Roxanne Lizotte has prepared a list of abatements and supplements requiring the action of the Board of Assessors. The list is attached, and recommendations are included from the Agent to the Assessors (RJD Appraisals). Most of these are housekeeping matters for insignificant value amounts. I have asked Roxanne to be present at the meeting, but will not require her presence as it is the night before Thanksgiving. If she is able to attend, I would ask that the Board keep her time away from home at a minimum.

3. Special Town Meeting Warrant:With the help of CEO Richard Gould, I have prepared a proposed Special Town Meeting warrant for your consideration. The meeting is set for 6:30 PM Wednesday, November 28 at the Municipal Building. The three articles concern the amendments to the Land-Use Ordinance, permission to expend an additional $8,000 from the Fire Department Apparatus Account, and permission from the taxpayers to treat the Town-owned Spruce Street lot as other industrial park lots, including permission of the Board of Selectmen to sell the lot. This last item was discussed, but not necessarily planned for inclusion on the warrant. I spoke with the Chairman, and he agrees that this would be an appropriate and timely vehicle to clean up the Selectmen's authority to dispose of that lot if in the best interest of the Town and economy. Lastly, the Board needs to decide whether or not it is going to recommend approval of any of the items on the warrant. I recommend that the Board recommend each of these.

4. 4. Piscataquis County Budget Public Hearing Monday, November 26 at 7:00 PM in Superior Court Chamber, Dover-Foxcroft:The Town of Greenville has several items of interest included in this budget. The one item in the greatest jeopardy is the proposed $10,000 for the airport projects reserve account. I have added to your folders each a copy of a letter to the Commissioners and also a letter to the editor detailing the regional importance of the airport. I will attend the public hearing and make our case: I encourage any members of the Board to also attend.

Another item of interest regarding county funds is the future of emergency radio dispatching in our county. For years, the Piscataquis Sheriff's Office has been forced to have their night-time dispatcher share duties in the county jail, allowing for distraction by jail functions when he or she should be solely attentive tot he radio. With the addition of Greenville FD, CA Dean Ambulance, and Shirley FD to the call volume of the dispatchers, the need for eliminating this distraction is greater than ever. I have prepared the attached letter to the County Commissioners to be signed by officials from every town in the County which provides an emergency service which is dispatched by the PSO. I intend to present this signed letter to the Commissioners at the November 26 public hearing.

5. Industrial Park Lot Development: The Town has seen interest in selling the lot on Spruce Street due mostly to the development of the lot by the Public Works Department. Would the Board of Selectmen be amenable to the Public Works Department, at minimal expense, begin clearing a hole into one of the lots still owned by the Town. If the Board would be willing, I would be glad to clear the trees on part of Lot #10, which is off Sheridan Circle. I'd like to clear at least a 30' X 40' section so that next year, if we find any ditching material in the area, we could haul it in and make a useable lot. We could track any and all expenses to the lot, and add that to the purchase price should the lot be sold commercially. If I clear some of the trees, it won't cost the Town anything except any of the scrub wood I salvage for firewood. I would not expect any cost to the Town until next year, when possibly a culvert would be added and some gravel to make an entrance, and possibly hiring a bulldozer to clear the part of the lot that has been cleared (total estimated cost $500-$600 from economic development account – funds from eventual sale would be returned to this account).

6. Warrants

7. Adjourn

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