Greenville Selectmen's Meeting
November 7, 2001 - 6:30 PM at Greenville Municipal Building

The regular Selectmen's Meeting will be pre-empted by a Public Hearing regarding the updates to the General Assistance Ordinance.

1. Minutes

2. Adoption of New Assistance Maximums for General Assistance Ordinance: These should be done each year. They are recommended by the State and supplied by MMA. I recommend approval.

3. Liquor License Renewal – Black Frog Restaurant: The Police Chief and I recommend approval.

4. Update by Police Chief on Department Operations: I have asked Police Chief Duane Alexander to provide an update to the Selectmen at a regular meeting at least once a month. This should give the Board an opportunity to hear from the Chief directly how things are going, to ask any questions, to give any suggestions, either way. Two things which I know the Chief will speak on are the new business visitation program he has worked out with his department, and also our plan for replacing the main cruiser. We have an excellent opportunity to purchase a quality second cruiser from the Maine Department of Public Safety for $3,000 to $5,000. We will explain to the Board our recommendation for this purchase, and also the eventual purchase of a replacement for the primary cruiser. I have asked mechanic and budget committee member Dave Hall to attend this presentation.

5. Beaver Cove Request for Added Police Patrols: The Town of Beaver Cove has asked for additional patrols through their community, and are willing to pay more for it. The Police Chief and I have estimated (originally) a cost of roughly $3,300 per year to accomplish this added patrol. We will present more detailed figures to you at the meeting. We recommend adding this patrol and placing the added revenue into the cruiser account.

6. E911 Implementation: Enhanced 9-1-1 is now in effect throughout the 695, 564, 876, 924, 943, and 997 area codes, as well as many other statewide. The Piscataquis Sheriff's Department is now handling 911 calls from every community – including ours – with a three-digit telephone prefix listed. We have received our license from the FCC for our new radio dispatch frequency, and the duplex unit required to establish the repeater will be installed in both Dover-Foxcroft (PSO) and Greenville (airport tower) November 14-16. Both Fire Chief Mike Drinkwater and Police Chief Duane Alexander will be on hand to answer any questions the Selectmen may have about this new system which is about to be fully implemented here in Greenville (hopefully by November 16).

7. Fire Truck Purchase: Fire Chief Mike Drinkwater and I will be present to discuss the five proposals the Town received from four companies for a new front-line pumper to replace the old International. Approval was given at Town Meeting June 2001 to purchase and to finance this new truck. Considering its estimated 25-30 year lifespan, its essential nature during a structure fire or similar emergency, and its total cost, I strongly urge the Board to go with the Fire Department's recommendation to buy the best quality apparatus, regardless of price. The bid results are attached.

8. Industrial Park Lot Purchase Request – Ken Ingalls:Mr. and Mrs. Ingalls have formally offered a price of $10,000 for the Town-owned lot on Spruce Street, on which to construct a bowling alley. The lot was given to the Town and has been used primarily for storage of Public Works materials and equipment. The Piscataquis County Economic Development Council has shown interest in the same parcel for a possible speculation building and/or a possible wood composites business incubator center. Plans for either have yet to be confirmed, but it is clear that this lot would be the best available site on Town-owned property for either possible building. The Ingalls' deserve to have an answer to their offer so they may proceed with their business plans, one way or another. If I can provide any additional information to the Board prior to the meeting, please be sure to contact me.

9. Industrial Park Lot Purchase Request – Niles McBriearty: I have sent the attached letter to Mr. Niles McBreairty, inviting him to meet with the Selectmen to discuss his plans for the Spruce Street lot for which he has partially paid. Currently, the Town of Greenville still owns this lot. I hope he will be present to discuss his plans.

10. Snowmobile Trail Groomers: I will have a list of recommendations for the Board to consider at this meeting. Two members of the Board, along with three active snowmobile trail groomer operators interviewed the applicants for this position two weeks ago. I urge the Selectmen to approval the hiring of those recommended by the interview committee.

11. Special Town Meeting Date and Contents: I have asked Code Enforcement Officer Dick Gould to be present at the meeting to discuss the request by the Planning Board to have a Special Town Meeting this month, recommended for Wednesday, November 28 at 6:30 PM. The purpose of the meeting would be to implement the changes to the land use ordinance recommended by the Planning Board to make it consistent with the adopted Comprehensive Plan. A Public Hearing has been held on this changes. I recommend the Board approve the recommended date and time for the Town Meeting.

12. Landfill Sticker Applications and Tire / Appliance Fee Issues: This is the follow-up on the last meeting's discussion of the landfill and the various issues related to it. As per the Chairman, this meeting is meant to discuss a tire disposal fee and a possible appliance disposal fee. In addition to this discussion, I recommend approval of the attached sticker application to be used at the Town Office. I have also attached the proposed tire disposal system fee which was presented at Town Meeting. Finally, I have tentatively set a meeting with DEP and Bureau of Parks and Lands officials to review our progress on corrective action at the landfill for Monday, November 26. Once this is confirmed, I will get back to you.

13. Streetlight on Lily Bay Road: I have discussed with most of you the issues surrounding the request for a streetlight on Blair Hill in front of Jim and Sheila McIvers residence, which was approved at Town Meeting but unfunded. Discussion at Town Meeting gave approval by consensus to move the streetlight at the driveway to the Blair Hill Inn to the top of the hill next to the McIvers. Unfortunately, just as the owners of the Blair Hill Inn do not care to have the current streetlight at their driveway, no one else nearby the new location wants the light, either. Only the McIvers want this light: others who would be partially illuminated by it do not want it. I have asked for a recommendation from MMA Legal Services on how to proceed, and have received such a recommendation, which is attached. I have invited Jim and Sheila McIver to attend the meeting. It would appear that according to MMA, the Board of Selectmen has it within their authority to grant and to NOT grant the move of the light, based on the new information which has come before Town government (e.g., that no one else want the light). I have no recommendation for the Board accept to tread carefully and resolve the issue summarily, if possible.

14. Appointment of Interim Treasurer for Shaw Library: After advertising this opening on the cable channel and in the Town Office and in the Moosehead Messenger, only one name has been submitted – Vern Smith. Mr. Smith previously ran for this position and was defeated in the election. I recommend appointing Mr. Smith to this interim position.

15. Work Plan Review and Revision: I have carefully reviewed the last work plan I submitted tot he Board roughly a year ago, and I have summarized any action taken or left to be taken. I will present to you at the meeting a new work plan, to which I would welcome any additions or changes of priority.

16. Lease with Consumer Maine Water Company for the Wiggins Stream Water Treatment Facility: CMWC President Judy Kelley has forwarded the attached lease agreement between her CMWC and the Town of Greenville for this facility, which was established with CDBG funds, and therefore has to be publicly held. This lease is mostly a formality: I recommend approval.

17. Warrants

18. Adjourn

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