Greenville Selectmen's Meeting
November 01, 2000 6:30 PM
Municipal Building

1. Minutes from Previous Meeting

2. Letters to County Commissions for Support of Airport:

Attached please find drafts for two letters, one to the Piscataquis County Commission, the other to the Somerset County Commission. As discussed at the last meeting, these letters request each County consider supporting the Town of Greenville in its effort to change the airport from municipal to regional in nature. There is no specific dollar amount requested in the letters, but there is a clear request for financial support in the future.

3. Salt & Sand Update:

Due to the recent winter storm, we did not haul sand on Monday as planned. We have purposely held off from putting up our winter sand to be able to include our new wheeler in the operation. It arrived this past Saturday, and outside of not having any strobe lights on it for plowing, it is in perfect working order (so far). We will likely begin hauling sand Tuesday or Wednesday, and should complete the operation in three days. Attached is a list of the contractors / businesses which made requests (on time) for sand and the amounts requested. I have revised the Town's deadline for making full payment to December 1 as we are about a month behind in our plan to put up the sandpile. The estimated cost per yard for sand this year, including the 25% surcharge, will be $14.90. I will not have an exact cost until after the pile is put up.

4. Request to Procure Architectural Services for New Public Works Garage / Recycling Center:

The Town is in need of professional engineering services to make our new building project move ahead. Allan Morrill has indicated that he will not build the building this winter, nor does he have any architectural plans for the project. He has indicated to me that he favors having the Town pay for professional plans to be put together. I recommend that we do so, and this Spring ask Allan if he can build the structure designed for the same price. The Board should then decide (in the Spring) whether they still want to negotiate with Allan, or go out to bid once again. I think it is in our best interest to go out to bid for engineering services as soon as possible to get this project moving.

5. 2000-2001 Snowmobile Trail Program:

This is the usual application for funds from the Department of Conservation for maintaining snowmobile trails in our region. Due to budget constraints, the DOC has advised us not to expect any more funds than last year. Our documented need is slightly higher due to more pre-season trailwork, and for a new request for funds for keeping parking lots open for snowmobile trailers (such as at the Junction Wharf and at Sawyer Pond). As in previous years, this program does not cost the local taxpayers any money: we simply administer the program for the snowmobile club and the trail grooming committee.

6. Warrants

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