Greenville Selectmen's Meeting
October 18, 2000 6:30 PM
Municipal Building

1. Public Hearing for Liquor License for “The Black Frog Restaurant”
(currently Red's Lakeside Restaurant) – Pritham Avenue, Greenville.

2. Minutes from October 4, 2000 Meeting

3. Liquor License Requests:
There are two applicants for a liquor license – “The Black Frog” (new license) and the Blue Moose Café (renewal).

4. Forestry Referendum:
Considering the impact this referendum may have on the Moosehead Region, I believe it is in the Town's best interest to have the Board of Selectmen adopt a resolution opposing this initiative. I will have a draft resolution prepared for the meeting, based on the adopted by the Selectmen in Dover-Foxcroft. I will also share with you an article from Northern Woodlands, which describes well the many sides to this question now before voters. Dick Gould, who is very active in the opposition to this proposal, will be present at the meeting to answer questions as well.

5. Possible Land Purchase at Dumpster Site of Rum Ridge Road:
This past summer, while ditching the Rum Ridge Road, the Town placed some fill around the snowplow turnaround and dumpster site near Wilson Pond Dam. The PW crew assumed the Town owned this piece of land. Gregg Blackmer clarified that he owns this property, and conveys an easement to the Town to turnaround at the site and to place the dumpsters there. He was upset that we dumped material on his land without permission, and also extended the fill beyond the boundary of the easement. In conversation with our Code Enforcement Officer, Mr. Blackmer has suggested that the Town purchase this small piece of land to avoid any future disagreements. He is willing to sell this small piece of land for $500. I recommend that the Board have this piece of land surveyed, and purchase the roughly 60'x60' parcel for $500, taken from the miscellaneous account for Winter Roads. I will invite Mr. Blackmer to the meeting.

6. Junction Revitalization Project:
I have expressed interest previously to the Board regarding revitalization efforts in Greenville Junction similar to what has been accomplished in the Village area. To achieve such revitalization, the Town will require a plan. A Planning Grant through the CDBG program could accomplish this. I recommend the Board schedule a public hearing in November for this project, and authorize me to pursue this grant opportunity.

Furthermore, a component for this revitalization project would include a “Welcome to Greenville” sign in the junction greeting visitors as they approach from points North on Route 15. There is a MDOT grant program called their “Gateway” program. I recommend the Board authorize me to pursue this grant opportunity as well.

7. Airport Issues:
This issue was previously tabled. I would ask for direction from the Board for the issues I raised in my memo distributed at the last meeting.

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