Greenville Selectmen's Meeting
October 17, 2001 - 6:30 PM at Greenville Municipal Building

1. Minutes

2.Request for Change in Speed Limit – Lily Bay Road: Brenda Ruetz of Lily Bay Road has requested that the 25 MPH speed limit sign on Lily Bay Road be moved further up Blair Hill in an attempt to slow down traffic prior to coming to the built-up residential area. As Brenda knows, the only way to lower the speed limit is through action by the MDOT. A letter requesting the lowering of the speed limit must be sent to the traffic division. Police Chief Duane Alexander and I will report our recommendations to the Board at the meeting.

3. Offer on Spruce Street Lot by Ken Ingalls: Its no secret that Ken Ingalls is very interested in acquiring the Town-owned lot on Spruce Street. He would like to develop a bowling alley on the site. After much research, he has formally made an offer on the property to the Town: $10,000 for the 3+ acre lot. I told him that I would bring his offer to the Board for consideration.

4. Request for Proposals – New Fire Truck: Fire Chief Mike Drinkwater will be present to discuss the specifications the officers have put together for a new first-line pumper. As you know, permission to purchase and to finance a new fire truck was granted at this most recent annual Town meeting. The request for proposals, if approved, would be immediately publicized with a November 1 closing date. This would allow for distribution of the results to the officers and to the Selectmen prior to the November 7 Selectmen's meeting, at which a decision is hoped to be made. I recommend following this time schedule and using the Fire Chief's RFP.

5. Landfill Issues: There are several issues regarding the landfill. Prior to the Selectmen's meeting, there will be a 2:00 PM meeting in my office with the landfill contractor and the landfill engineer: I encourage members of the Board to attend this meeting. We need to review the items accomplished and the items still outstanding from the meeting held a year prior with the DEP. I would also like to solidify the policy for landfill stickers (do they need to be attached to the vehicle or not, and if they do, where?), and also consider our tire fee system. I will have some options for how to implement this system: I do recommend moving toward a pay-as-you-throw system for metals and appliances as well in the future. Some of these issues may require further consideration at a subsequent meeting: I would like the sticker policy clarified and a timetable established for the completion of outstanding projects at the landfill.

6. Environmental Regulation Compliance Audit for Public Works Garage: Attached you will find some information from CES, Inc., our engineering firm for the landfill, regarding a voluntary environmental audit program for municipal garages. The EPA is calling for such audits: municipalities which do not volunteer to assess their own garages will be first on the list for inspection in the coming years. I have asked CES, Inc., for an estimate for auditing our operation (once it is completed). I recommend that we hire them to complete the audit.

7. Snowmobile Trail Groomers: I have received several applications for the two trail groomer positions, as well as verbal interest from a couple of in-house employees. I would like to review the program in general, and schedule some interview dates with the two Board members who have previously volunteered to interview candidates.

8. Salt-Sand Pile: I am about to send out letters to contractors regarding the use of the sandpile this year. I would like some direction from the Board regarding its operation. Mike Thornton and I recommend using a divided pile. Gates to the facility may be appropriate, but I want to be sure they do not make the winter operation of public works unduly difficult. I will try to go over the sandpile with some members of the Board prior to the meeting. We are a week away from putting our pile up – the asphalt pad is in place.

9. Weather Station at Airport: As a matter of update, the National Weather Service is seeking funds to install a pre-fabricated building on airport property to house their electronic equipment, at their cost. I have placed in your folders a copy of a letter to the NWS explaining that we do not have funds for such a structure: Ray Mallett of the weather service believes the NOAA will find the funds (~$8,000) to place this building themselves, if we will just plow it for them. I have told them we will. Also, Gene Maxim of the Maine Emergency Management Agency told me at the MMA Convention that Greenville's radio transmitter for weather information has been sent to the federal government for consideration. If funded, the cost for the transmitter will be paid for entirely by funds other than local taxdollars. I will keep you posted on this grant's progress.

10. Advertisement for Library Trustee: I will have a proposed advertisement for the position of treasurer for the library board. According to MMA, it would be best if we advertised this position and selected someone to finish Beth's term. I recommend advertising locally immediately: I would suggest that the Board select from any interested parties at the November 7 meeting.

11. Letter to Somerset and Piscataquis Counties – Airport Project Reserve Fund: The first meeting of the Piscataquis County Budget Advisory Committee will be October 16. I recommend letters be sent to the two counties asking for $10,000 each for upcoming airport projects, as we have explained to them within the past year. I recommend that the Board sign these letters, which I will have for you at the meeting. (There will still be time to enter the budget processes for each county).

12. Patriotic Message for Welcome Sign: Dick Cote has offered to paint a message for the Town on the back of one of our welcome sign inserts. His suggestion, in light of the nation's attack by terrorists and the wave of patriotism flowing across our nation, that something patriotic be added. I will work on some options and present them to you at the meeting – I welcome any of your thoughts on this. I recommend we do it as the price is right and it is the right thing to do.

13. Employee's Holiday Party December 14 at DKBs: Apparently, DKBs has an opening for a holiday party identical to last year's party for Friday, December 14. Cindy Hanscom and Sharon Libby Jones have discussed this, and both recommend the date, which the Fire Chief tells me will NOT conflict with the fireman's holiday party. I recommend we hold a gathering under the same terms and conditions as last year on December 14 at DKBs.

14. Request for Excise Tax Reimbursement: Bernadette McQuade of Barrington, RI has requested that all or part of her excise tax paid to the Town of Greenville this summer be reimbursed to her due to extraordinary circumstances. I have some serious concerns about doing so, but did tell her I would consult with the Selectmen. Her lengthy letter of request is attached.

15. Tax Commitment: Finally prepared and ready for your signatures.

16. Warrants

17. Adjourn

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