Greenville Selectmen's Meeting
October 3, 2001 - 6:30 PM at Greenville Municipal Building

The regularly-scheduled Selectmen's meeting will be pre-empted by a Special Town meeting to begin at 6:30 PM in the Municipal Building. The Selectmen's Meeting will begin at the conclusion of the Special Town Meeting.

1. Minutes

2. Liquor License Renewal – Blue Moose Cafe: This is a standard renewal; the Police Chief and I both recommend approval.

3. Update on Public Works Garage Progress: Our contractor is moving quickly on this project, and plans to pour cement within two weeks. Public Works Foreman Mike Thornton and I will give further details at the meeting.

4. Update on East-West Railline: A recent meeting in the Governor's Conference Room orchestrated by Representative Sharon Libby Jones gave the State and the Town of Greenville a chance to share information and develop a common strategic plan with Acadian Railway officials. Sharon can fill the Selectmen in further on what is happening at the State level to ensure that this railline stays open. The Milo Town Manager called me recently and invited Greenville to join Milo and Brownville in securing legal representation in the bankruptcy proceedings. The purpose would be to stress to the judge the importance of keeping the railline whole, even if it must be liquidated. Please see my earlier memo on this. I will have further recommendations on how to proceed for you at the meeting.

5. Presentation by Mark Scarano, Business Development Director for PCEDC: RE: Regional Speculation Building Proposal: Mark will share with the Selectmen the same information presented earlier in September to regional municipal officials regarding a possible regional speculation building program. Essentially, it is a concept where everyone shares in both the costs and the benefits. Mark will also answer questions about other uses for Town land, such as for a satellite wood composites incubator center. Mark will need about 30 minutes to complete his presentation – I encourage you to bring your questions.

6. Greenville "Trade Mission" to Canada: A recent personal trip to Canada (my wedding anniversary) made me think of this "out-of-the-box" idea. Considering the amount of sawmills, manufactured housing, and other wood-products industries prevalent just over the border, would it ever be possible to entice some of these businesses to come to Greenville? I know there are government subsidies of different sorts, and favorable tariff relationship (to Canada) right now. But here are my thoughts:

  • Congress is re-examining our tariff relationship with Canada with regard to lumber. I would recommend having staff members from our Congressional Delegation work with us to determine what might change in the future, and whether this would benefit the move of a company from Quebec to Maine.
  • One Canadian lumber company already runs a successful business in Piscataquis County - Pleasant River Lumber in Dover-Foxcroft. If they can do it there, why can't another company succeed in Greenville, 35 miles closer to the border?
  • The Greenville Steam Plant has land available around their facility which they would practically give away if a factory would be established to which they could sell electricity directly. A sawmill would have the added benefit of supplying fuel to the steam plant.
  • The PCEDC has development funds available which might make a "trade trip" to Quebec possible. The purpose of the trip would be to meet with as many company owners as possible and make a standard offer to them.
  • The Steam Plant would have to solidify any options they would like to make available to potential companies coming to Greenville. I think the Town should offer the following: if the company agrees to operate for ten years and to employ a minimum number of people (to be predetermined, ideally 15-35), then the Town would give them a lot in the Industrial Park, offer them a TIF and credit enhancement agreement identical to the one given to Moosehead Cedar Log Homes, and would work to secure a railroad siding for them to use.

    These are my thoughts. I would suggest that Mark Scarano, Scott Hersey and I work out further details on this proposal. I would like to know if this is something the Board is in favor of. Certainly I recommend the idea of asking companies to come to Greenville - we won't know unless we ask.

    7. Landfill Stickers and Meeting with Engineer: I would like to discuss further a landfill sticker policy, and also set a meeting between the Board and our Landfill Engineer and our Contractor (possibly a day meeting). I will have some dates for you to consider.

    8. Disaster Plan: Over the past weekend, the Town of Greenville was put on alert along with the rest of the State to be aware of a possible terrorist threat. Our emergency services pulled together a coordinated response to this alert. I would like the Board to be aware of how well our Police and Fire Department worked together, and also our community's ambulance service. Please be aware that I will be setting more of my time aside immediately to try to compile a more comprehensive disaster plan. I will be drawing on the resources in the PD and the FD to accomplish this, as well as from CA Dean and from the County. We need to be prepared – that is the best response we can have to any National Threat.

    9. Warrants:

    10. Adjourn

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