Greenville Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes

6:30 PM Wednesday, October 6, 2010 – Municipal Building


Present at meeting:             

   X     Chair Eugene F. Murray, Sr.                       X    Vice-Chair Alan McBrierty         X    Selectman Bruce Hanson      

        Selectman Ellen Edgerly                                X     Selectman Richard Peat            X      Town Manager John Simko

  X     Others:


Jack Hart, Code Enforcement Officer; Beth Lorigan, Superintendent of Greenville Schools; Diana Bowley, Bangor Daily News; Suzanne AuClair, Moosehead Messenger; Sue Mackey-Andrews, Candidate for State Senate District #27; Mildred Kennedy, President of Natural Resource Education Center (NREC); Bob Hamer, Executive Director of Moosehead Lake Region Chamber of Commerce (MLRCC); Jeff Pomerleau, Police Chief; Father Rob Reagan, President of Shaw Public Library Association.


1.                  Minutes from Meeting of September 15, 2010:


Motion to Accept:            Bruce                          Second to Motion:     Richard


Motion Passed by vote of:          4-0.


2.                  Public Comment Period:            None.



3.                  Additions or Deletions to the Agenda:              A.        General Assistance Ordinance

B.        Special Selectmen’s Meeting for Town Manager’s Search.


                        Board of Selectmen agreed by consensus to adding these items to the agenda.


4.                  Superintendent of Schools Beth Lorigan:         School Union #60 has hired a Superintendent of Schools to replace former Superintendent Heather Perry.  Beth Lorigan has been invited to the Selectmen’s Meeting to meet the members of the Board of Selectmen and to discuss current school projects and matters which may concern the Town of Greenville.  One possible action would be to consider a special town meeting to authorize the school committee to fund engineering services necessary to proceed with the high school building improvement project from the school’s undesignated surplus.


Beth Lorigan introduced herself to the Board of Selectmen and offered to maintain a positive and productive working relationship between the School and the Town.  In regard to the language needed for inclusion on the Special Town Meeting Warrant for appropriation of funds from the school’s fiscal surplus, Superintendent Lorigan agreed to get back to Town manager John Simko by October 20.


5.                  Transfer Station Development Committee:      The Transfer Station Development Committee has developed a series of options for changes to the Town of Greenville’s current solid waste collection and fee systems which are designed to each help to off-set the costs of collection and disposal of two common waste types: municipal solid waste and construction / demolition debris.  Representatives of the committee would like to present these options to the Board of Selectmen at this meeting and further recommend that the Selectmen hold a public hearing on these possible changes, preferably at 6:00 PM Thursday, October 14, 2010 in the Municipal Building Meeting Hall.





Motion:     Set public hearing for solid waste fee system and collection options for 6:00 PM

Thursday, October 14, 2010.


Motion Made By:            Bruce                          Second to Motion:     Richard


Motion Passed by vote of:          4-0.


6.                  Liquor License Renewal – The Black Frog:     Recommend approval.


Motion:     Approve renewal of liquor license.


Motion Made By:            Bruce                          Second to Motion:     Richard


Motion Passed by vote of:          4-0.


7.                  Police Chief’s Report:     Good job, Chief.


8.                  NREC Project:    The Town of Greenville is finalizing plans for getting under contract and beginning construction on a single-story visitor’s center on property formerly owned by the Maine Department of Transportation.  The Board of Selectmen will receive an update on this project which will be owned by the Town but for which no local property tax dollars are being expended.  To proceed, Town Manager John Simko should be authorized by the Board to sign an amended contract for construction services beginning within the next two weeks. 


Motion:     Authorize Town Manager John Simko to sign notice of award, contract agreement, notice to proceed, change orders to project as needed to keep the project moving forward and within budget of available funds.


Motion Made By:            Bruce                          Second to Motion:     Richard


Motion Passed by vote of:          4-0.


9.                  Shaw Public Library:     There are four items which require action by the Board of Selectmen and are listed here as items A,B, C and D.


A.  Drainage Project:        The Town has sought proposals from qualified contractors for construction of a perimeter drain around the Shaw Public Library and related water sealing activities, to be funded through a Maine State Library grant for the same.  The Town has also sought quotes for the same around the proposed library annex building, to be paid for through grant funds secured by the Library Association.  A recommendation for how to proceed will be offered at the meeting.


Motion:     Award contract to low bidder – Freeman Excavating – move forward with project using New Century Grant Funds and Library Project Reserve Funds.


Motion Made By:            Bruce                          Second to Motion:     Richard


Motion Passed by vote of:          4-0.






B.  Facility Use Lease for Library Annex:           Library Association President Father Robert Reagan will be present to discuss the progress being made on securing ownership of and funding improvements to the proposed Annex.  Furthermore, Father Rob will explain the need for a facility use lease between the Association and the Town of Greenville.  Authority to enter into such a lease will require approval at a special town meeting in order to proceed.


Agreed by consensus to add this to the next Special Town Meeting warrant.


C. Library Trustees Recommendation of Library Governance Ordinance:          The Trustees for the Shaw Public library recommend the Board of Selectmen consider adoption of an ordinance which would codify the by-laws for the Board of Trustees as the basis for the governance of the library in a manner consistent with best management practices for other public libraries in the State of Maine.  Such an ordinance will require town meeting approval.


Motion to add this to the next Special Town Meeting Warrant.


Motion Made By:            Alan                                        Second to Motion:     Richard


Motion Passed by Vote of:         4-0.


D.  Application for Community Development Block Grant Funds for Removal of Architectural Barriers to Shaw Public Library:    The Library would benefit from funds to construct a small vestibule and reconstruct the side entrance to the library, as well as to install a new bathroom, to make the library compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Funds for this work could be awarded by the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program if the Town applies by the December deadline.  Approval to submit such an application will require action at a special town meeting.


Agreed by consensus to add this article as proposed to the next Special Town Meeting Warrant and to include language about estimated cost of the project and where the local match for the funds would come from.


10.              Special Town Meeting:   To facilitate action on several of the aforementioned items, the Board may wish to schedule a special town meeting, which will require the Board’s signatures on a special town meeting warrant, which would be posted 7 days prior to the meeting. 


Motion:     Schedule Special Town Meeting for 6:00 PM Thursday, October 28, 2010 at the

Municipal Building Meeting Hall.


Motion Made By:            Alan                            Second to Motion:     Richard


Motion Passed by vote of:          4-0.


11.              Candidate’s Forum:        Does the Board of Selectmen wish to invite candidates for legislative offices and/or the Governor’s Office to the next Selectmen’s Meeting to answer questions about the Town’s legislative priorities?


Agreed by consensus to not hold a candidate’s forum and to authorize the Town Manager to send a letter to the candidates outlining the Town’s legislative issues as outlined for the Maine Municipal Association Legislative Policy Committee.



12.              Additions to the Agenda (if any):          General Assistance Ordinance


Motion:     Adopt General Assistance Ordinance as presented.


Motion Made By:            Bruce                          Second to Motion:     Richard


Motion Passed by vote of:          4-0.


Agreed by consensus to hold a special Selectmen’s Meeting for the purposes of an executive session with Town manager Search Consultant Don Gerrish – 5:00 PM Tuesday, October 12, 2010 in the Municipal Building Meeting Hall.


13.              “What’s on your mind?” – an opportunity for members of the Board of Selectmen to share questions, concerns, ideas or suggestions – informational only:


Bruce Hanson:     Are the contractors for installation of solar energy project using non-pressure treated lumber on the roof of the Municipal Building?  Town Manager will have Public Works check this out.


Alan McBrierty:  Darin Larabee and the boys of Cub Scout Pack 120 did a great job with new picnic tables and picking up around the Pine Grove Playground.


14.              Adjourn:  20:12.