Greenville Selectmen's Agenda
Wednesday, September 20, 2000 6:30 PM
Municipal Building

  1. Minutes from September 6 Meeting
  2. Renewal of Liquor License for Lodge at Moosehead
  3. Salt and Sand Requirements: Public Works Foreman Mike Thornton and I will be present to discuss the final draft of the letter to contractors, outlining this year's policy, which does not defer much from last year. However, some questions have been raised by contractors which I would like the Board to address.
  4. Public Works Garage / Recycling Center Bid Results: We have received one bid for our project. The bid is from Allan Morrill of Greenville in the amount of $269,000. The working group for this project will have met with Allan Morrill before the Selectmen's meeting, and will have a recommendation for the Board's consideration.
  5. Moosehead Isle Estates Sub-Division: The parties involved in this matter are nearing a settlement which will likely result in a unanimous request to have the paving requirement for this sub-division be removed. This will require Planning Board action. The settlement will not be resolved until the end of this week at the earliest, which means the best time for the Planning Board to consider this matter is at their regular meeting September 27. The inspection of the road on Friday, September 15, showed that all of the work is complete except for the paving and the filling in of an incomplete fire pond. The pond will be filled in the Spring. I recommend that the Board curtail any action until after the Planning Board meets to consider this issue September 27. The option to pave this year will be retained through this course of action.
  6. Hows Corner Superfund Site Settlement: Documents received by the Town today from the EPA indicate that the schedule to make payment for the settlement of amounts due for previous action and a remedial study of this Plymouth, Maine waste oil site has been extended until May 15, 2001. However, the deadline to sign and send out the signature page for the Consent Decree is still September 29, 2000. The Maine Legislature and the Congressional Delegation for the State of Maine are currently wrestling with how the government at some level may fund this cleanup project instead of the parties who placed waste oil there (such as the Town of Greenville) as per the direction of the State government. I recommend that the Board of Selectmen do not sign the consent decree at any time: the Town should not have to pay for cleanup of a problem which resulted from the Town and many other parties doing what we were told to do.
  7. Ordinance Consideration (two): Upon suggestion of the Chair of the Board, I have added an item to reconsider the proposed Skateboard Ordinance. Last Spring, following a public hearing on this proposal, the Board decided to take no action and see how the youth population will handle themselves this summer without any regulation of skateboard use. Now is the time to re-assess. The second ordinance issue is development of a “no overnight boat docking” ordinance. This would allow our Police Department a mechanism to enforce the policy posted on signs at the Junction Wharf restricting overnight boat docking. I will have a model ordinance for your consideration at the meeting.
  8. Police Department Budget: At the last meeting of the Board of Selectmen, an alternate schedule for the Police Department was presented to the Board. To resolve the concerns surrounding the former 72-hour shift length, a 9-hour shift length has been developed. However, to make it work effectively, a reserve officer is used for one-shift per week. Police Chief Duane Alexander and myself will present a plan which will minimize the budgetary impact this proposal will have, yet retain this shift length and schedule.
  9. Tax Acquired Property: Roxanne has brought to my attention a short list of properties which foreclosed this year. The Board needs to decide how to dispose of these properties, if at all. One property is a residence: I strongly recommend that the Board work with any taxpayer who is behind in his or her taxes to make a payment schedule if that taxpayer resides at the property which has foreclosed.
  10. Warrants

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