Greenville Selectmen's Meeting
September 19, 2001 - 6:30 PM at Greenville Municipal Building

The regularly-scheduled Selectmen's meeting will be pre-empted by a Special Town meeting to begin at 6:30 PM in the Municipal Building. The Selectmen's Meeting will begin at the conclusion of the Special Town Meeting.

1. Minutes

2. Liquor License Renewal – Lodge at Moosehead: The Police Chief finds no issues with this establishment's permit. Recommend approval.

2. Update on Public Works Garage / Sandpile: As of this draft of the agenda, work is underway at the new building. Bob Ifill has hired Mark Muzzy to dig the trench for the water line and the holes for the septic system. An unbelievable amount of concrete, rebar, and assorted building materials have been unearthed. We have a signed contract and I am very pleased with progress so far.

As far as winter sand is concerned, Mike Thornton and I will be reviewing prices and material within the next three days. We hope to have selected a source for winter sand by the Selectmen's meeting so we may share with you who we are buying it from and for how much money. We will also have a tentative schedule for when the pad will be completed, and when we will put up our pile. This information will also be shared with the usual contractors, along with a list of the rules for the sandpile, which I am duplicating from last year.

3. Update on E911: As you know, letters have gone out from the Town assigning street addresses for all buildings and dwellings. I will place an ad in the Moosehead Messenger reminding all residents of the importance of placing appropriately sized numbers on their homes. I have also attached draft dispatch protocols for Greenville Fire Department and CA Dean Ambulance, which are being reviewed with the Piscataquis Sheriff's Office, in order to make it as effective as possible. We are still awaiting our FCC license: Gene and I will have an update for you regarding Tuesday's County Commissioner's Meeting. The Sheriff's Office intends to begin E-911 service elsewhere in the county September 26, 2001. Also attached, please find my letter to Tony Bartley, explaining why E-911 doesn't work without a repeater system.

4. Letter to the Governor, RE: Importance of East-West Railline: Attached please find my first-draft of a letter to Governor King, outlining the importance of keeping the East-West Railline open as B&A Railroad changes hands. There will be a 3:00 PM meeting with various elected and appointed officials at the Milo Town Office Wednesday of this week – I will likely be unable to attend this meeting, but Sharon will be there as she has called the meeting. As you know, the Town of Greenville is trying to help Acadian Railway, LLP with their plans to bring excursion rail service to Greenville beginning June 2002. We are also working with EMDC to apply for EDA funds to develop a new rail siding in our industrial park. Before I present a final draft to you, I will work with Sharon to ensure there are no new developments which would bear mentioning in our letter.

5. Service Centers Coalition: I attended the inaugural meeting of this coalition, and gathered more information, some of which is attached. The nearest communities to us who are members are Dover-Foxcroft and Dexter. As I had first believed, I believe this group has great promise to bring about MORE productive change in how the legislature deals with service center communities than ever will the Maine Municipal Association. The group is focused on reforming numerous funding formulas and funding previously unfunded programs which would benefits towns like Greenville (e.g., the Municipal Investment Trust Fund). As far as our voice in the group, the newly-elected Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the group both asked me when I arrived and when I left if I would consider serving either on the Legislative Committee or the Executive Committee for the group. The Millinocket Town Manager Gene Conlogue successfully increased the number of members on the Executive Committee during the adoption of the by-laws. The purpose he gave for increasing the number of seats on the Executive Committee was to give representation to northern service centers, such as Greenville and Millinocket. His amendment passed, and I think the leadership is considering Gene and I as candidates for this top committee.

I recommend the Board of Selectmen adopt the attached resolution supporting the Service Center Coalition, and allow me to serve on one of these committees. As I ma getting done with the MMA Executive Committee, there should be no net increased demand on my time. Indeed, I think I would be using my time more wisely and effectively.

6. Maine Municipal Association Election of Officers, Executive Committee: MMA has a slate of potential officers. Typically, a singular representative is given authority to vote at the business meeting for MMA on behalf of the community. I recommend that you authorize me to vote for the Town at the business meeting, which I will be attending. The ballot is attached – not much of a horse race anywhere.

7. Snowmobile Trail Groomers Selection: I recommend the Board select two-three members to serve on a hiring committee with me and EJ Richardson and Paul Fichtner as their respective “replacements” are hired. I have attached the advertisement I intend to run in the Moosehead Messenger.

8. Tax Assessment and Commitment: At this meeting, I recommend the Board of Assessors agree to the assessment for Greenville Steam Plant, and also to select a desired mill rate, based on our current information. Once this is done, Roxanne will prepare commitment papers which I recommend the Board stop by to sign before the end of the month.

9. Warrants

10. Adjourn

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