Greenville Selectmen's Agenda
Wednesday, September 6, 2000 6:30 PM
Municipal Building

The Selectmen's meeting will be pre-empted by a brief Public Hearing on a Proposed Entertainment License for Robert Ifill, doing business as “Moosebreath Saloon”. The public is welcomed to attend and encouraged to comment.
  1. Minutes from Previous Meetings: Minutes attached for meetings held July 19, August 2, and August 16, 2000.
  2. Moosehead Isle Estates Issues: Last month, the Board of Selectmen set a new deadline for developer Nyles McBrierty to complete unfinished aspects of his sub-division plan at Moosehead Isle Estates. The deadline is September 13, 2000, plus any rain days which keep him from working. Nyles has asked the Board of Selectmen to consider removing the requirement written into the accepted Sub-Division plan to pave the first 1,300' of the road leading into the sub-division. This requirement was included mostly out of concern for erosion control on the original entrance to the sub-division, which was more steep than the current entrance. Although CES, Inc., did not explicitly address this issue in their written report following the August 2, 2000 inspection, there was verbal discussion that day regarding the paving requirement. Code Enforcement Officer Dick Gould is working with attorney Durwood Parkinson to determine whether the Board of Selectmen have the right to alter this paving requirement, if they so choose. Secondly, I will speak again with engineer Peter Tuell to determine if he recommends this change. Mr. McBrierty will be present at the meeting to add details to his request. Nyles McBrierty has been working regularly on the completion of this project.
  3. Airport Master Plan Update (AMPU): Originally, this was to be the focus of tonight's meeting. However, these other matters cannot elude us. Engineering firm Dufresne-Henry has completed for the Town of Greenville a Master Plan Update. Their listed improvements for the future require partnership of funds between the FAA, the MDOT, and the Town of Greenville. Our local share would mean roughly $37,000 per year for a five year period be put aside for projects including Main Runway reconstruction, elimination of runway line-of-sight issues, terminal building construction, and 24-hour access to fuel. Our Airport Committee will be present to express their views to the Board, as well as Jay Wood and Ervin Deck from Dufresne Henry, and also Jenni O'Brien from the MDOT. I have asked Tony Bartley to attend from the County: one suggestion from the last meeting was to change the scope of our airport from municipal to regional, and to seek funding from beyond Greenville to pay for maintenance and improvements. I have not completed Greenville's comments regarding this proposal, waiting to hear the Selectmen's concerns. As Town Manager, I believe that if we are to have a facility such as an airport, it should be kept in better condition than it is now. To do so will require more funding than we currently allocate. Please listen to the details of these proposals and advise me how you feel the Town should proceed.
  4. Town Web-Site Update: At the last meeting of the Board of Selectmen, three proposals were made to the Board regarding costs of updating and maintaining the Town's web site. The Board voted to table this issue until this meeting when the full-board may be present to vote on the matter. Considering the work-load on the current office staff and myself, I believe the Town should contract with the firm which will be the most user-friendly and efficient for maintenance and upkeep. I recommend hiring Judy Craig from Dexter to rebuild and to maintain our site.
  5. Town of Greenville Position on National Park Proposal: The August 31 meeting in the Greenville High School established in my mind that the Greenville community is opposed to the National Park Proposal put forth by the group RESTORE. I would like the Board to consider taking this stand officially, and to sign letters to the Congressional Delegation I have prepared for you, stating the same.
  6. Hows Corner Superfund Site Update: I have attended two meetings regarding this superfund site. it is clear the Federal EPA and the Maine legislature has yet to determine who is going to pay for what. Following an August 29 Public Hearing in Augusta, there is strong support by the parties involved to have the State or the Federal Government pay for the cleanup. I recommend the Board not sign the Consent Decree on this matter, nor to authorize payment of $3,393.43 to the EPA, but rather to sign the letters I have prepared for you to the Congressional Delegation.
  7. Salt & Sand Policy: Public Works Foreman Mike Thornton and I will have a proposed policy for you to amend and/or adopt at the meeting. We will be creating our asphalt pad for salt and sand at the Spruce Street site by the end of September. We will, however, create our sand and salt pile at the Minden Street location again this year: the earliest I foresee the Public Works Garage begin operational is late Winter or early Spring.
  8. Warrants
  9. Quit Claim Deed – Eric Kuschel: This completes the transaction proposed at an earlier Selectmen's meeting where Mr. Kuschel was given the opportunity to purchase the remainder of the tax-acquired property which he initially bought several years ago. This clarifies the ownership of this small piece of land which was previously in question.
  10. BEANO License for Holy Family Catholic Church: Standard request – I recommend approval.
  11. Police Department Schedule: After much thought and consideration, and after consulting the Milo Police Department and the Piscataquis Sheriff's Department, Duane and I have developed a 9-hour shift schedule which is currently in place for the month of September. The new schedule is preferred by all of the department, and keeps the officers more alert by taking them away from the 72-hour shift. Duane and I have met three times with the entire department to discuss this schedule. If kept in place for the remainder of the year, this will result in some added costs. Duane and I will present more details to you at this meeting.

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