Greenville Selectmen's Meeting
September 5, 2001 - 6:30 PM at Greenville Municipal Building

The regularly-scheduled Selectmen's meeting will be pre-empted by a Special Town meeting to begin at 6:30 PM in the Municipal Building. The Selectmen's Meeting will begin at the conclusion of the Special Town Meeting.

1. Minutes

2. Liquor License Renewal – Lodge at Moosehead: The Police Chief finds no issues with this establishment's permit. Recommend approval.

3. Spruce Street Lot: The Town of Greenville owns a 3.2 acre lot on Spruce Street which is cleared and filled in and prepared for development. Now that the Town owns the former Sinclair building and will develop this as our Public Works Garage, it is safe to turn to other possible uses for this site. There is a pending request by Susan and Kenneth Ingalls to be allowed to purchase the land to develop a bowling alley. There is a possible use of the land through the PCEDC to develop a business which uses wood composite technology and would work as a “satellite” to the Sanford Wood Composites Incubator Site. A third possible use would be to develop a speculation building on the site in which a building may one day be housed. This last proposal might yield the greatest tax revenue from the site, and there are funding sources for such a building which Mark Scarano of the PCEDC is pursuing. I recommend full exploration of all of these options before committing to any one. The PCEDC will be announcing details soon for the proposed funding for a regional speculation building program, and I will ask John Holden and Mark Scarano to come to the Board's September 18 meeting to discuss these options in further detail.

4. Public Works Garage Construction Bid: On August 29, 2001, at 12:00 PM, the bids for the proposed construction to the building purchased by the Town to house the Public Works Department were opened. There was a single bid of $199,000 for the entire project, or $136,000 for all work excluding the rear addition. The single bidder was Robert L. Ifill & Company of Greenville. The Board members present at the opening suggested this matter be taken up at the September 5th meeting. In discussion with Mr. Ifill, I explained that the Town expected to have the bids come in between $85,000 and $100,000, and that his bid would exceed the budget for this project. I further explained that this being the case, I would recommend that the Board either negotiate with the sole bidder to reduce the scope of work of the project to meet our budget, or reject the bid and seek quotes from qualified contractors on smaller pieces of the project. Mr. Ifill has offered to review his quote and see if he can reduce his overall price: he will be present at the meeting to discuss his bid.

It is imperative to move ahead with this project. If the Board cannot reach an agreement with Mr. Ifill to proceed with the necessary work at a reasonable price this month, I recommend that the Board allow me to break up the project into smaller parts, and to allow me to request quotes from Greenville contractors for the work, and to allow the Board to award the smaller contracts based on these quotes. The project could be broken down into component parts: (1) concrete, plumbing, and radiant heat; (2) framing and finishing of addition; (3) placement of entry doors and completion of inside; (4) septic system; (5) electrical. According to MMA Legal Services, there is no requirement to bid this project formally, so long as we are using all local taxdollars. If the Board is comfortable with reviewing at least three quotes per job, we can move ahead on the project immediately.

Public Works is preparing the site now for the salt-sand pad: it will be completed this month. The sand pile needs to be where the Public Works crew is this winter. If we can move forward on the construction work, the entire department can be housed there this winter. I urge the Board to take action to allow this project to be completed this year.

5. Winter Sand Issues: If construction is completed this Fall at the new building, the salt-sand pad will be moved to the new site. Contractors have asked me if the same rules will apply at the new site as at the old site: I have said yes to them. If you wish to entertain any of their requests in person, there may be some contractors present at this meeting.

In the past, the Town Manager has traditionally found the most inexpensive stumpage price for winter sand from nearby gravel pits and then allowed Public Works to contract the trucks and equipment necessary to haul the sand to our site. I would to bid the sand this year using two criteria: quality of sand and stumpage price. I would also suggest we entertain comparing the cost of hiring trucks to haul the sand for us, versus paying one contractor to haul it all to the site. The reason for this change would be to ensure that we do not get a product which has as many fines (clay) as the sand we purchased last year, or as many rocks as the sand from the year before. Setting a range within which different concentrations of particles may fall will ensure that we only consider prices from suppliers whose product meets our needs. CES, Inc. can provide a typical range of particles for us, as could the MDOT. I would recommend a broad range which would encourage more suppliers, but would still disallow products such as Public Works has found difficulty with in the past. With the Board's permission, I would like to work with our engineer and the MDOT and Public Works Foreman Mike Thornton to find the appropriate range, and then request quotes for stumpage and for delivery from the usual suppliers. At the next meeting, the Board could select who will supply our winter sand.

6. Update on Airport Projects: I will brief the Board on progress with the National Weather Service station to be located at the airport, preparations for Fly-In, inferior work done by the FAA contractor for electrical line work on the VASI lights, DEP impermeable surface limits, and upcoming projects for obstruction removal and runway reconstruction. Some of these issues involve pending letters to the MDOT and the FAA, which I recommend the Board approve.

7. Request for Commercial Hangar Space Partially on Leased Land to FBO: Roger Currier has inquired about permission to use a piece of land at the airport to build a large commercial hangar. The location he has selected is consistent with the Airport Master Plan Update (AMPU), but falls on land currently leased by our fix-based operator (FBO) Max Folsom. To allow such construction would be to break the terms of the lease the Town holds with the FBO. After going through the AMPU process, it is clear that some obligations of the FBO might not be met through the current operation. I have attached a copy of the FBO's lease for the Board to review. My primary concern lies with the condition of the fuel system. I suggest that the Board review this lease either at the meeting or between now and the next meeting, and decide if there are any concerns the Board would like me to address with the FBO. Also, Roger would like to know if development of the site in question will be possible.

8. Update on E-911: Roxanne Lizotte, our E-911 addressing officer, will be sending out letters to all residents on or before September 14, assigning them street numbers for their residences and businesses. We are pending our FCC license at this time for our repeater system. We are also pending approval from Piscataquis County to share in the cost of the repeater system. Officials from the Town of Greenville have been invited to the September 18 meeting of the County Commissioners to discuss this request for funding for a repeater system, which will cost roughly $11,000 in total. Geno Murray, VP for Ambulatory and Diagnostic services at CA Dean Hospital, Greenville Fire Chief Mike Drinkwater, Police Chief Duane Alexander, Dave Bouchard, Ambulance Coordinator, and officials from Whitten's Two-Way Service in Brewer have been working out the details for both how the new dispatch system will work in Greenville, and what our presentation should be to the County Commissioners. I hope a representative from the Board of Selectmen will join us on September 18 to explain why this funding is necessary.

9. Review of Commercial Appraisal Completed on Greenville Steam Plant: On September 29, the Board of Selectmen heard from George Lagassa, certified commercial appraiser, regarding his assessment of the value of the Greenville Steam Plant. He has completed his report, including the corrections he found during his presentation. Details of the findings will be available at the meeting. I will have a recommendation for the Board on how to proceed from here.

10. Service Center Coalition: A new group has formed which seeks to advocate for legislation advantageous to service center communities as defined by the State Planning Office. I recommend that the Town of Greenville join this organization and their fight to seek equitable cost sharing from the state for the services provided by our communities (see attached).

11. Warrants

12. Adjourn

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