Greenville Selectmen's Meeting
August 15, 2001 - 6:30 PM at Greenville Municipal Building

The Selectmen's Meeting will begin with a short public hearing on a request to change a street name. Carol Wingard and Greg Cyrus are requesting that Knapp Trail be changed to Hawksholm Trail. The public is encouraged to attend and to comment.

1. Minutes

2. Street Name Change - Knapp Trail to Hawksholm Trail: The attached letter outlines the request for the name change. Utilizing the procedure the Board established two meetings ago, I have scheduled a Public Hearing prior to the Board's August 15 meeting, and I recommend that the Board allow the name change, provided (a) the majority of the adjoining landowners are favorable, (b) the suggested name meets our E-911 standards, such as not phonetically duplicating another street name, and (c) the landowners agree to pay for the new sign (which they have).

3. Liquor License Renewal for the Last Frontiere Restaurant: The Greenville Police Department has had no issues with this establishment. The Police Chief and I both recommend renewal of this liquor license.

4. RFP for Construction at Proposed Public Works Garage: I have worked on this RFP, which I recommend we break into two components: general constructions and heating system. I have asked for input from a number of the Board members. I would like the Board's permission to send this out to contractors and to post in the newspaper ASAP.

5. Purchase of Property: David Sinclair, owner of the building we are to occupy and renovate, has requested that we close on the building by August 24, 2001. The purchase price has already been determined - $125,000. The Board was granted authority at Town Meeting to make this purchase. The Board has voted to buy this building for this price, pending PURC approval. We have been held up in the permit application process due to its length and also the design of a septic system. The septic design is now complete, and the LURC application has been submitted. Aga Pinette states that the only delay will be in having other agencies review parts of the plan, such as the Fire Marshall's Office. Aga has stated this past week that there is no need to have our application go before the Commission: it is development which is allowed in that area, and can be permitted by staff. She has no objection to permitting it. I recommend that the Board allow for a Friday, August 24 closing on the property at Burky's Law office. I will make a good-faith effort to have the LURC permits by that date. David Sinclair has indicated that if he cannot sell the property to the Town for the given price, he would remove the property from the market. I think the Town should move on the property now and continue to development the parcel as planned, even if we are still awaiting LURC permits. I fully expect that our permits will go through.

6. Plans for New Building - Spruce Street: I spoke with Al Hodsdon, whose firm contracted with Greenville to develop plans for a new Public Works Garage on Spruce Street. I had advised him months ago of the Town's efforts to purchase the Sinclair Building. As such purchase seems imminent, I suggest that the Board of Selectmen allow me to continue to work with Hodsdon to complete "a" set of plans for the Spruce Street lot or any other Town-lot. The Piscataquis County Economic Development Council (PCEDC) is pursuing funding for a speculation building to be erected somewhere in the County. I think such a building could go onto the Spruce Street lot easily. $25,000 is already dedicated from the Applied Technologies grant for a "point of presence" for the new composites center to be developed in Sanford. This money - meant really for office space - could be applied to the development of a building here in Greenville. I recommend that the Board allow me to work with A.E. Hodsdon and the PCEDC to use the remaining contracted funds to complete a plan for a possible speculation building (these funds are already obligated - we should use them for something productive, in my opinion).

7. Update on MDOT Rest Area: Attached please find a fax from MDOT Engineer Guy Baker regarding the rest are maintenance schedule, and also confirming that the MDOT will contract with Sean Bolen to pick up the trash. I plan to send a copy of this week's Moosehead Messenger to MDOT Commissioner John Melrose to ensure that he is aware of the problem. I think with Sean picking up trash it will work better. The bathrooms and the maintenance of the site remain problems. I think the MDOT is not well positioned to deal with the immense demands of tourist rubbish and facility usage. On a larger scale, I think the State of Maine needs to find a better way to fund the cleanup of such rest areas, perhaps through the sales tax. But for now, I think if we could get the Shirley maintenance garage to help with or take over all together the rest area duties, we would be better off. I will include all of this in my letter to the Commissioner, which will be available for your review at the meeting.

8. Set Date and Contents for Special Town Meeting: More time has passed than I had first envisioned between our regular Town Meeting and our Special Town Meeting. As you recall, the Planning Board is preparing a lengthy list of land use ordinance revisions as per the recommendations of our consistent and adopted 1999 Comprehensive Plan. The Planning Board, through its works with consultant Gwen Hilton, is just now ready for a public hearing on the proposed changes. At the same time, we need to adopt floodplain map revisions as per FEMA (see attached letter). These changes are minor and perfunctory, but need Town meeting approval. The feds want this done by September 7, 2001. Therefore, it is very unlikely that the Land Use Ordinance changes will be ready for early-September Town meeting: they may have to wait until next June, or another Special Town Meeting. Other issues to take up include resolution of the boundary line agreement with the Rowes on East Road, and a suggested amendment to the Recreational Facilities Ordinance, disallowing swimming off public docks where boats tether and/or launch. There are no other items for Special Town Meeting which I am aware of: please advise me if you have any such issues. None of these items require any form of financing. I recommend the Board set Wednesday, September 5 as a Special Town Meeting, to be followed by the regular Selectmen's Meeting.

9: Warrants

10. Adjourn

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