Greenville Selectmen's Agenda
Wednesday, September 20, 2000 6:00 PM
Municipal Building

(Please note that the meeting will begin hour early to accommodate a request from the Ready Workers to meet at this time.)
  1. Community House: Some members of the Ready Workers Society would like to explore ways to improve and maintain the Community House, possibly through the solicitation and receipt of grant funds, possibly even through the eventual purchase of the Community House by the Town. Sharon Libby-Jones has asked that this discussion be added to the agenda.
  2. Salt & Sand Piles Issues: The Board has discussed this issue for the past two meetings. The Piscataquis County Commissioners will discuss this matter at their August 1 meeting. If the County is willing to contribute financially to the construction of this pad, I think the Town should make the larger-sized pad and allow the contractors to participate as in the past, only with more effective regulation. I will have costs for the pad construction from Barrett Paving Materials by the date of the meeting.
  3. ATV Access Trails: The Moosehead Mudders will make a request to the Board of Selectmen regarding the designation of certain ATV Access Trails for use by ATV riders. Through a 1999 law change, municipal officers have the ability to designate ATV access trails of virtually unlimited length and number. ATVs riding on the trail must be registered and must obey all pertinent safety laws, as well as to ride to the right side of the roadway.
  4. Vendor Ordinance: At the last two meetings I attended of the Moosehead Region Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, discussion and concern arose regarding retail vendors setting up in Greenville during special events. Some Chamber members at these meetings feel that it is inappropriate to allow such vendors in Town as they take away from tax-paying businesses established in Greenville. After hearing these arguments, I suggested that those concerned about this come to a meeting of the Board of Selectmen to discuss the vendor ordinance issue again. I believe Paul Fichtner, Jr. from the Chamber will be present for this discussion.
  5. Web Page Maintenance: This item was tabled at the last meeting due to a lack of estimates from web-designers. I have solicited two quotes from area webpage designers to update and regularly maintain the Town's web-site. I recommend using funds from the Economic Development Account to pay for this work, which I believe is essential. If we as a Town are going to have a presence on-line, it should be professional, dynamic, and always up to date.
  6. Letter from Moosehead Highlands Property Owners Association: I have received a letter from this association, asking for consideration by the Town for maintenance and repair of the Highland Avenue, a road which received some damage from the Spring rains. The President of the organization, Pegeen Ranhosky, has asked if the Town would use some of our FEMA funds to fix this road, and also if the Town would consider taking over this road for “annual road maintenance”. I have explained to Mrs. Ranhosky on the telephone that the FEMA funds are already spoken for: certain Town-maintained roads will be repaired with these funds, and no others. Also, Mrs. Ranhosky had asked why the Shoals Road was receiving help through FEMA and Highland Ave. was not. I explained that Shoals Road is a Town-maintained road. She was surprised to learn this, and asked why Shoals Road is Town-maintained and Highland Ave. is not. My answer was that at some point in time, the Town, probably through Town-meeting action, accepted part of Shoals Road as a dedicated Townway and also agreed to maintain it. This has not happened with Highland Ave. Mrs. Ranhosky now asks that the Board of Selectmen consider accepting this road as a Townway and begin conducting annual road maintenance to it. To my knowledge, this requires a Town Meeting vote. I do not recommend taking over any road for maintenance if it is not already built to meet our road specifications as outlined in our sub-division ordinance. I do not believe this road meets this standard as is. If the Board is willing to authorize a “random act of maintenance”, which does not preclude the Town to further or regular maintenance of the road, we could dump some gravel and level the first tenth of a mile or so with the grader. The only risk to this is that other camp road associations would also want a “random act of maintenance”, to be on a par with Highland Avenue. I will send a copy of this agenda to Mrs. Ranhosky, and also any decision made by the Board, should she be unable to attend.
  7. Photocopier Purchase: In the current budget, there are funds to purchase a new photocopier for the Town Office. I have solicited bids from several companies, and will have the results of this procurement process listed for you at the meeting. I further recommend that the Board authorize moving the current Town Office photocopier to the Library for their use, and to include this copier in our service plan. I have spoken to Everett Parker about this, and he agrees that this action by the Town will be reflected in the Library's budget request for the next year: they won't have to buy a copier.
  8. Resolution of Moosehead Isles Estate Road Issue (possible Executive Session): I will have a report for you from CES, Inc. Engineer Peter Tuell, regarding what is left to be completed as per the subdivision plan for this project. The Board of Selectmen has given the developer a deadline of August 1, 2000 to complete this work. You may or may not want to discuss this matter in executive session.
  9. Ltr. To Milford Rice Thanking Him for His Service to the Town: Upon the Board's request, I have drafted a letter to former officer Milford Rice, thanking him for his time working for the Town. If you would like any amendments to the letter as written, I can make those quickly at or before the meeting.
  10. Police Schedule: Duane and I have discussed his department's schedule in detail, and we have also discussed several high-profile cases which his department has dealt with in the past month. I have asked Duane to prepare a report on how these cases were handled in relation to the new schedule. To my knowledge, the Department has been running smoothly, and these cases have been handled professionally and thoroughly by the Department. Most occurred during the Police Chief's shift, and those which didn't, or which required follow-up, were handled very efficiently by Officers Johnson and Runnels, with assistance from Police Chief Alexander as necessary. Duane explains to me that the continuity of this schedule has made it easier for he and his officers to plan their work. As Town Manager, I am content with this arrangement, and will work with Duane to see that the current schedule continues, provided no problems arise which call for changing it. I hope to have information from the State by this meeting to explain if our hours as scheduled for the Police Department are appropriate.
  11. Warrants: Several financial warrants to consider. I will begin listing these at the end of the agenda, to allow the Board a formal mechanism to table the warrants if there is something missing.

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