Greenville Selectmen's Meeting
August 1, 2001 - 6:30 PM at Greenville Municipal Building

The Selectmen's Meeting will begin with a Public Hearing on a request for a Special Entertainment Permit for Kelly's Landing.

1. Minutes

2. Special Entertainment Permit – Kelly's Landing: An ad has been run for this Public Hearing, which is to be held prior to taking this item up at the regular meeting. Kelly's Landing has had no issues with our Police Department or Code Enforcement Officer which would prevent the Board from issuing this Special Entertainment Permit. I recommend issuing it.

3. Liquor License Renewal and Special Entertainment Permit Renewal – Moosebreath Saloon: As you know, Bob Ifill has a current Special Entertainment Permit and also a liquor license for his business in Greenville Junction. The Police Department reports no criminal mischief at this establishment. I recommend renewal of both the permit and the license.

4. Update on Chamber of Commerce Activities – Executive Director Stephanie Gardner: Stephanie has asked to speak to the Board to simply update the Town on the Chambers' activities. Certainly the Chamber – and Stephanie in particular – are big parts of the success we saw in both the Fourth of July this year and also the Greenville Gazebo Concert Series.

5. Industrial Park Lot Sales: After much research and also consultation with Jim Austin, the Town's Attorney, I have prepared new sales contracts to use on the remaining lots within the Industrial Park. We also have three individuals strongly interested in purchasing several lots. I have invited each of these parties to the August 1 meeting. I urge the Board to work with these individuals to secure a purchase of the properties. The sooner these are sold, the sooner these properties will return to the tax rolls.

6. Housing Rehabilitation Program Guidelines: As part of our Housing Rehabilitation Grant, the Board must adopt certain program guidelines. Those attached are the same that the Advisory Committee recommends and that Ron Harriman explained to most of the Board at the last Public hearing on this program. I recommend adoption of the guidelines as written.

7. Police Department Vacation / Holiday Time: Tabled from two meetings ago, I recommend that the Board find a way to make the vacation and holiday time schedule for the Police Department consistent with that for other employees. Police Chief Duane Alexander and I will have a series of recommendations for your review.

8. Request for Proposals – Public Works Garage: With the help of our Public Works Foreman, some of the Selectmen, and area contractors, I have devised a proposed Request for Proposals for construction to the Public Works Garage, as well as a cost estimate. I recommend that we proceed with the RFP, which closes August 15 at the next Selectmen's Meeting. Our LURC permit should be approved – I hope – by mid to late August.

9: NREC Property Issues: I have written a letter to the Board of Selectmen advising them about the topsoil issue on the Town's property earmarked for a parking lot for NREC, to be paid for and constructed by the MDOT. I hope the Board will continue with their commitment to the NREC project and allow this trade of materials for services to occur.

10. Warrants If there is anything I have missed, please feel free to bring it to my attention here.

11. Adjourn

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