Greenville Selectmen's Meeting
July 17, 2002 - 6:30 PM at Greenville Municipal Building

1. Minutes

2. Presentation by Moosehead Lake Region Chamber of Commerce – Executive Director Sara Holman: There is a lot going on at the Chamber of Commerce, and I have invited Sara to speak to the Board of Selectmen to share with you the Chamber's current activities.

3. Review New Fire Truck – Delivered Thursday, July 11, 2002: After jumping through some unexpected legal loopholes, the Town of Greenville has received both truck and title, and made full payment for the new, customized 2003 KME Panther Pumper Truck. Fire Chief Mike Drinkwater will lead a tour through the new truck for the Selectmen.

4. Develop a Greenville Trails Committee: There has been a great deal of interest in recent years in developing walking trails through Greenville. Recently, there have been grant funds which have come available for the creation and thepromotion of pedestrian and walking trails. I recommend that the Board hold a public hearing on the concept of walking trails through the downtown (on the old railroad bed), possibly improving and expanding our sidewalk system, considering development of the trails along the power lines, and the development of current snowmobile trails through the “five-mile-square”. The purpose of the public hearing would be three-fold: to begin dialogue on these ideas, to ascertain whether the public wants such trails developed (in general), and to secure a list of volunteers to be appointed to an advisory committee to develop multi-use trails in Greenville. I recommend 5:30 PM August 7, 2002 at the fireman's hall as the time and place for the Public Hearing.

5. Update on Recycling: The Town of Greenville has implemented an ambitious new recycling program, one which
(a) prohibits any recyclable commodities from our landfill,
(b) provides for once-per-month curbside pickup of recyclables, and
(c) provides new recycling bins for our residents.
I would be lying if I said this implementation was being accomplished without some bumps in the road. I will update you on how this is going so far, and bring to you some suggestions for the future (including the likely increase in the fee charged to Piscataquis and Somerset Counties to have their recyclables brought to our facility).

6. Creation of Junction Revitalization Committee: The Town of Greenville and Piscataquis County (on behalf of Moosehead Jct. Twp.) recently completed a Junction Revitalization Plan for the built-up area in these two communities. There have been some grant opportunities in the recent past which the Town of Greenville has sought to fund some of these recommended improvements. To better serve both communities, I believe the Town and the County should have a specific appointed group of advisors to work on implementing these recommendations, to work with me and others to secure the grant funds required, and to encourage both public and private investment locally in the Junction. There has been a loose advisory committee for the CDBG application for the Junction Revitalization plan, but that “working group” only met under the caveat that those participating would not automatically become members of another committee. I recommend that the Greenville Board of Selectmen and the Piscataquis County Commissioners each seek volunteers to be appointed by both boards to a committee for the sole purpose of implementing the Junction Revitalization Plan. I recommend at least one Selectmen and one commissioner be appointed, as well as three others by each Board, making a committee of eight. I will serve as an ex-officio member, will staff from the PCEDC, the MLRCC, and MDC. To solicit volunteers, I would recommend an ad be run in the newspaper and on the cable channel.

7. Letter to Greenville Housing Corporation: As a matter of clarification, I recommend that the Board of Assessors sign a letter to the housing corporation, explaining what will change with the next commitment of taxes and their assessed value, due to their new status as a 501-c-3 non-profit corporation. I will have a letter for your review at the meeting.

8. Disposition of 3-pt. Hitch, Sickle-Bar Mowing Machine: The Town of Greenville purchased this machine to mow the airport and the sanitary waste field, using the tractor owned by the Moosehead Sanitary District. In recent years, we have hired a contractor to mow these two areas, and have realized benefit from not tying up one of our employees for the job. If we continue to utilize a contractor (which I strongly recommend), then we do not need this tractor attachment. Mike Thonrton, Public Works Foreman, has asked if this implement could be sold to
(a) get some money out of it before it gets too old and rusty, and
(b) to get rid of yet one more piece of unused equipment.
I recommend sale of the unit to the highest bidder.

9. Warrants

10. Adjourn

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