Greenville Selectmen's Meeting
July 03, 2002 - 6:30 PM at Greenville Municipal Building

1. Minutes – June 19, 2002 Meeting

2. Liquor License and Entertainment Permit Renewal – Whiskey Cove: Proprietor Wendy Gordon will be present to answer any questions – Police Chief Duane Alexander reports no issues with this business which would prohibit renewal – recommend approval.

3. Request for Assistance in Grant-Seeking Effort for New Patrol Boat for Moosehead Lake – Game Warden Adam Gormley, Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife: Warden Adam Gormley is heading up a grant development effort through the State of Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund to replace the patrol boat currently used in Greenville. Warden Gormley has put a great deal of effort into this proposal, and I believe it has great merit for the Moosehead Lake Region as a whole, but in particular for Greenville. As a tourist destination whose focus continues to be Moosehead Lake, Greenville must be able to assure the safety of our visitors if we are to continue to attract these visitors. Adam has a plan for improving the level of service provided to our visitors: I recommend the Town support his efforts on behalf of IF&W.

4. Monthly Report to Selectmen – Police Chief Duane Alexander

5. Request for Appointment of Non-Sworn Officer to Police Department Roster: Police Chief Duane Alexander has discussed with the Board previously the need for a non-sworn traffic officer during special events, accidents, etc. The Chief has a candidate in mind for this position, and will discuss the details with you at the meeting.

6. Award of Contract for Curbside Recycling Pick-Up: We have received one bid for providing curbside pickup of recyclables. The lone bid is from Sean Bolen of Moosehead Rubbish. The bid will be opened and discussed at the Selectmen's meeting. I will have a contract for your consideration at the meeting.

7. Airport Improvements Update: There has been an exhaustive effort over the past few months by Dufresne-Henry Engineer Bill Gerrish and myself to try to secure permission to develop a handful of hangars this summer despite the need for a full, Site-Location of Development Permit. These efforts have not been successful. I will have details for you on this matter, as well as the status of upcoming projects, and also the results of the July 3 Airport Advisory Committee Meeting.

8. Any Other Business

9. Warrants

10. Adjourn

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