Greenville Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes

6:30 PM Wednesday, July 21, 2010 – Municipal Building


Present at meeting:             

   X     Chair Alan McBrierty                                 X     Vice-Chair Eugene F. Murray, Sr.             X     Selectman Bruce Hanson      

   X     Selectman Ellen Edgerly                             X     Selectman Richard Peat                             X     Town Manager John Simko

   X     Others:       

                                Andy Hunt; Bill Mason; Scott Goodspeed; Wayne MacArthur; Rocky Elsemore; Karen LeClair; Dave Hall;

                                Peter Dunham; Ken Snowdon; Bonnie DuBien; Mike Theriault; PW Foreman Chris Bussell; Code Enforcement

                                Officer Jack Hart; Police Chief Jeff Pomerleau; Greenville Police Officers Ev Hayes. Michael Johnston,

Matt St. Laurent, and John Matula III.


Upon opening of the meeting at 18:30, Chairman Alan McBrierty offered his resignation as Chairman and turned the meeting over to Vice-Chair Gene Murray.  Gene Murray called for a motion regarding acceptance of Alan McBrierty’s resignation as Chairman of the Board: motion to accept his resignation as Chairman was made by Bruce Hanson and seconded by Ellen Edgerly.  The motion passed 5-0.


Vice-Chairman Gene Murray then called for a motion for nomination of a new Chairman.  Motion was made by Bruce Hanson, seconded by Ellen Edgerly, to appoint Gene Murray as Chairman.  There was no discussion and no other nominations.  The motion passed 4-0-1 (Murray abstained).


Chairman Gene Murray then called for a motion for nomination of a Vice-Chairman.  Motion was made by Bruce Hanson, seconded by Ellen Edgerly, to appoint Alan McBrierty as Vice-Chairman.  There was no discussion and no other nominations.  The motion passed 4-0-1 (McBrierty abstained).


1.                  Minutes from Meeting of July 7, 2010:


Motion to Accept:            Bruce                          Second to Motion:     Ellen


Motion Passed by vote of:          5-0.


2.                  Public Comment Period


Mike Theriault of Greenville spoke in regard to his written request for an apology from the Board of Selectmen for the manner in which he was treated at the July 7 public hearing.  Mike further urged the Board of Selectmen to establish guidelines for how public hearings will be conducted.


Karen LeClair of Greenville spoke in regard to how the July 7 public hearing was conducted, the process for removal of a member of the Board of Selectmen, and a previous incident whereby her business was threatened due to comments she made at a Town Meeting.  Karen spoke at length in regard to how to go about establishing a re-call ordinance and why this would be important to have in Greenville.


As a result of these comments heard, the Board of Selectmen took the following actions:


Ellen Edgerly moved and Alan McBrierty seconded that the Board of Selectmen apologize to Mike Theriault and to all members of the public in attendance at the July 7 public hearing and subsequent Selectmen’s Meeting for rude comments being made and for attempting to limit the members of the public who would speak at the hearing.  No formal vote was finalized, but the Board of Selectmen indicated their agreement to this motion by consensus.


The Board also agreed by consensus to direct the Town Manager to establish some simple guidelines for how public hearings will function in the future and to include these guidelines in ever notice of public hearing.  The Board further agreed that all members of the public who gather at a hearing will be afforded the opportunity to speak, although the length of time any member may speak may be limited.  Finally, the Board agreed to hold public hearings on nights other than those when a Selectmen’s Meeting is scheduled.


In regard to the proposed recall ordinance, the Board of Selectmen agreed that should a citizen or group of citizens bring forward a request for such an ordinance, the Board would consider it for inclusion at town meeting. 


In regard to Karen LeClair’s complaint that she had her business threatened by a former member of the Board of Selectmen and another resident following a town meeting, Chairman Gene Murray advised Karen that such behavior is unacceptable, that no member of the Board of Selectmen is above the law, and that should anything like that happen in the future, Karen or any citizen in that situation should immediately notify the Greenville Police Department. 


3.                  Additions or Deletions to the Agenda:  Proposed Public-Private Partnership between Town of Greenville and the New Life Church for Operation of the Skating Rink


Town Manager John Simko brought this to the Board of Selectmen’s attention not as an agenda item, but to explain that the Recreation Committee and representatives from the New Life Church are meeting later in the week to consider changes to this proposal before bringing it to the Selectmen August 4.  After much discussion, the Board of Selectmen advised the Town Manager to bring such proposals to the Board’s attention prior to bringing them to the Town’s attorney for review, in order to possibly avoid unnecessary legal fees.  Selectman Ellen Edgerly agreed to sit in the workshop meeting with the Recreation Committee on behalf of the Board.


4.                  Annual Appointments of Municipal Officials and Committee Members:     The Board of Selectmen will consider appointments for Code Enforcement Officer, Licensed Plumbing Inspector, Planning Board, Library Board of Trustees and Recreation Committee. 


Motion:     Appoint Jack Hart of Kokadjo as Code Enforcement Officer and Richard Gould of Greenville as Alternate Code Enforcement Officer; Brian Turner of Monson as Licensed Plumbing Inspector; Kyle Pelletier of Greenville and Marion McManus of Harford’s Point as members of the Planning Board; Bill Foley of Greenville as a member of the Board of Appeals; and James Comber of Greenville as a member of Board of Trustees for the Moosehead Sanitary District.


Motion Made By:            Alan                            Second to Motion:     Ellen


Motion Passed by vote of:          5-0.


5.                  CMP Pole Permit:           These are two poles on North Birch Street which will facilitate a building project.  Recommend approval.


Motion:     Approve CMP permit as presented.


Motion Made By:            Bruce                          Second to Motion:     Ellen


Motion Passed by vote of:          5-0.


6.                  Police Chief’s Report


In addition to the Chief’s brief report, he presented three new reserve police officers (Officers Ev Hayes, Matt St. Laurent and Michael Johnston) and the Town’s latest full-time police officer (John Matula III) to the Board of Selectmen.  The gathered public offered their spontaneous applause.



7.                  Municipal Building Energy Project:     This item was previously tabled and requires action by the Board to proceed.


Town Manager John Simko explained that following the closing of the Town’s request for proposals for solar radiant heat or geothermal heating proposals for the municipal building and the fire station, action on these proposals were tabled until more information could be gathered about which proposal would best serve the Town’s needs.  The Town Manager’s investigation reveals that two of the three geothermal proposals exceed the amount of the grant award from Efficiency Maine, and that the low bidder for the solar radiant heat proposal may be using thermal heat versus ultraviolet energy from the sun to heat the system.  The Town Manager has turned over the bid results to the engineers at A.E. Hodsdon, the company which designed and oversaw the construction of the Municipal Building.  Once the engineers have offered their recommendations, the matter will be brought back to the Board for action (preferably at the August 4 meeting).  The Board of Selectmen agreed by consensus to this plan of action.


8.                  Ethics Policy Implementation:   The Board of Selectmen approved this ethics policy on June 16.  The policy is currently under review by the Town’s legal counsel for how to best integrate with the personnel policy.  Board members may want to review and then sign individual copies of the policy.


The Board of Selectmen agreed to add this policy to the personnel handbook, along with an unrelated change identified by the Town’s attorney, as recommended.  The Board also agreed to have all employees and members of boards which with policy would affect review the policy before it being finalized and implemented.  These actions were agreed to by consensus.


9.                  MDOT Highway Simplification Study: This legislatively-created working group is unrolling its recommendations to municipal officials at a “sounding board meeting” Wednesday, July 21, 2010 in Augusta.  The purpose of this agenda item is to report to the Board of Selectmen the potential impact to Greenville if these recommendations are implemented.


Town Manager John Simko offered a detailed explanation of this draft proposal being designed by the Highway Simplification Study Working Group.  Essentially, this proposal would turn back state-owned minor collector roads to municipalities and would change the reimbursement rates and level of responsibility of the municipalities for certain state roads.  The Board agreed to have the Town Manager prepare an analysis of how this proposal would affect the Town of Greenville and share it with the Board of Selectmen for their review in the future.


10.              Additions to the Agenda (if any):          None.


11.              “What’s on your mind?” – an opportunity for members of the Board of Selectmen to share questions, concerns, ideas or suggestions – informational only:





12.              Adjourn:  20:05.