Greenville Selectmen's Meeting
June 20, 2001 - 6:30 PM
Municipal Building

1. Minutes

2. Liquor License Renewal, Special Amusement Permit – Whiskey Cove Tavern: Wendy Gordon of Whiskey Cove is requesting a renewal for her liquor license and for her Special Entertainment Permit, both of which have been granted previously. No public hearing is necessary as these are renewals. I have spoken with the Police Chief, who will be available at the meeting for questions and comments.

2. Dumpsters: Ron Walden has unearthed a new possible location for the dumpsters previously removed from the Wilson Pond Dam site. Ray Hamilton owns land near Wilson Pond. He sold some of his land to IF & W to build their boat launch. He still holds land on the Wilson Pond Road (dirt road leading to camps on the pond, near the dam). He has given written permission for the Town to develop a site on his property to house the dumpsters, if only he could be allowed to park his car there once in a while. His small camp halfway up the hill has poor parking accommodations: a site near the bottom of the hill would help him. Sean Bolen, our rubbish contractor, has reviewed the site with Ron and I and feels this would work well for him. I believe this would give us adequate protection from the water bodies, and also would be more off the beaten path as to discourage overuse or abuse. If the Board wishes to pursue this, I will have an easement drafted by our attorney to formalize the use of the land. I will also have cost estimates from Public Works for development of the site. I think this is a good location and good solution to this problem. If we are going to offer dumpsters or curbside pickup for the rest of Town, we should offer some form of it here. Unless the Board is prepared to curtail dumpster service to all other camp-road areas, I recommend this location as a reasonable solution for the rest of the summer.

3. Stumps: Shawn Small, our engineer from CES, Inc., has visited our stump dump and feels that it is very unlikely that we could permit the site. He recommends working to close the site in place, and to develop a site to receive stumps at the landfill. He will have a written report for me by Wednesday. I recommend strongly that the Board give me permission to accept stumps somewhere as requests are starting to come in. I will have model fee structures for you from other communities at the meeting.

4. July Meeting Schedule: The next regularly scheduled Selectmen’s Meeting will be July 4 – Independence Day. I recommend not having the meeting that night, and I would ask that the Board entertain either (a) canceling the meeting and simply have just one meeting in July (Wednesday the 18th), or (b) meeting briefly next week, June 27 at 6:30 PM in lieu of July 4. This would be convenient as the meeting would be just before the end of the fiscal year. Whichever you decide is fine by me, but I think it would be prudent to NOT meet on July 4th.

5. Request from American Legion for Oliver Road Lot: I have received a request from the American Legion to be allowed to use the Town-owned Oliver Road lot for horseshoes and a barbecue pit. In return for being able to use the site, they would agree to mow and maintain it. The Legion knows that they cannot build anything permanent on the lot as it may be developed in the future. I think this is a great way to help the Legion and also to keep the lot mowed and in use during the summer. I recommend the Board grant permission for the Legion to use the lot for the purposes listed.

6. Purchase – Sale Agreement, Northern White Cedar Building: I have asked those members of the Board who are able to meet with David Sinclair, owner of the Northern White Cedar building, prior to the Selectmen’s Meeting. If a purchase price can be agreed to, I recommend the Board sign a purchase-sale agreement which includes as a condition of sale approval by LURC for development of the site as proposed. This would give us an out if the LURC decides to disallow development in any way of the site. We cannot confirm a permit from LURC or even the ability to get a permit until we have at least a signed purchase-sale agreement. I have asked Jim Austin to draft such an agreement for the Town and David Sinclair to consider.

7.Employee Overtime and Police Department Vacation & Holiday Time: Police Chief Duane Alexander and I attended an MMA sponsored workshop on the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act. One thing we discovered is that Federal Law requires all non-exempt employees to be compensated for their time over 40 hours at a rate of 1 times their pay, or to receive comp time of a similar nature. Our police department is exempt from this rule PROVIDED we do not employee five or more employees in a given workweek. If we employee five or more sworn officers in a given work week, any officer in that work week who works over 40 hours must be compensated at a rate of 1 times his or her normal pay, or through comp time. To meet this standard, I am now reviewing all police department time sheets prior to payroll to make sure the requirements of this law are met. Since the workshop, we have not had to pay any overtime. This will change when we get to the Fourth of July and other functions which require extra officers.

The Police Chief and I have also reviewed our personnel handbook as it relates to vacation time and holidays. It is clear that we have two standards for vacations and holidays: one for the Police Department, and one for all other employees. This made sense when our officers works a 72-hour shift. However, now that they work 8-hour shifts, they are essentially no different in their work schedule than other employees. I think it would make sense to find a way to give them the same holidays and vacation hours as other full-time employees. This would affect only Chief Alexander, David Johnson, and Mary Fowle. Using a comp-time system, I think we could absorb some of these changes in our proposed budget. Duane and I, with the help of our payroll clerk and bookkeeper, will have a recommendation for the Board at the Wednesday meeting.

8. Airport Leases: I have signed lease agreements for lots 6W and 7W, with checks attached. I recommend approval of the lot leases.

9. Warrants

10. Adjourn

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