Greenville Selectmen's Meeting
June 19, 2002 - 6:30 PM at Greenville Municipal Building

1. Election of Board Officers: Tradition is that the officers for the Board of Selectmen are elected each year at the first meeting following the municipal election. For your information, your current officers are Eugene F. Murray, Sr. – Chairman; Bonita DuBien, Vice-Chairman; Sharon-Libby Jones, Secretary. Sharon has left the Board, so that position will need to go to a different member.

2. Minutes: May 1, May 15, June 5 Meetings

3. MDOT Project Manager Janis Piper, other MDOT officials, RE:
Lily Bay Road Project: At my request, Project Engineer Janis Piper will be present at the Selectmen’s Meeting to discuss details regarding this project. Janis explained to me on the phone last week that the project which was supposed to begin the first week of July is now scheduled to begin in September, with only ditch work and cross-culverts being improved this Fall, and the road base and surface being reconstructed next summer. This is significantly different from the original plan stated at the April 11, 2002 MDOT preliminary public meeting held at the high school. I have asked Janis to come and meet with the Selectmen to explain how this change occurred, to explain what the current plan and schedule is, and to assure us that the project will be completed in its entirety without any funding being removed due to this programmatic change.

4. Implementation of Recycling Enhancement Ordinance, Curbside Pickup of Recyclables, and Recycling Bins for Each Household: As stated at the last meeting, the implementation of the new Recycling Enhancement Ordinance, the Appliance Disposal Fee System, and new Landfill Stickers will all begin July 1, 2002. I will present a request for proposals for curbside recycling pickup once per month at the June 19, 2002 meeting. I also recommend that the attached-circled recycling bin be purchased from Busch System, Inc., for a cost of roughly $7.50 per 24 gallon bin. This would yield a total of 333 bins to be distributed one-per-household from the Town office. I further recommend that each household be given the opportunity to purchase additional bins if they so choose, at our cost, through the Town office. Finally, I will present for your consideration some Curbside Pickup of Recyclables Guidelines be adopted for use by the contractor the Town eventually hires. I have also generated a proposed sign to be installed at the landfill, citing all of the rules for use of the facility. Depending upon how quickly the contractor selected can begin his or her work, I believe curbside pickup of recyclables could begin the second-week of July.

5. Secure Financing for Fire Truck Loan: The new fire truck ordered last winter should be delivered by the last week of June, 2002. As per the terms of our contract with the company, payment is due once the truck is accepted. Fire Chief Mike Drinkwater plans to have the pump tested upon arrival, and the truck will be accepted only after satisfactory passage of the annual pump test. The total amount due will be $130,000, which is to be financed through a lending institution. I have requested proposals from area banks for a loan to meet this need: I will have the compiled results and a recommendation for you at the meeting.

6. Basketball Court Lighting Project: As I mentioned at the last meeting, the Town of Greenville has an opportunity to secure a grant of up to $5,000 for lights to be installed at the Basketball Court. The office staff and I are in the process of polling the neighbors tot he basketball court to see if they have any objections to the installation of these lights, which would be set to automatically go off at a time of the Board’s choosing. I believe this is a positive step forward in the effort to give adolescents in our community opportunities for constructive activity. The grant is due on Thursday, June 20: I hope you will endorse this project, provided the neighborhood endorses it.

7. Junction Improvements & MDOT Transportation Enhancement Funds: The Town of Greenville has an opportunity to apply for Transportation Enhancement funds through the Maine Department of Transportation. This is one of the funding sources identified in the Junction Revitalization plan. It may be possible to focus some of these funds into improvements to the Route 15 passage under the railroad trestle, and/or to make certain improvements to the current railroad siding. I will discuss these proposals with you further at the meeting.

8. DEP Permit Requirements for Airport Hangar Development: Despite the best of intentions by the Town of Greenville to develop its airport, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection has provided a significant stumbling block for us to overcome. In particular, they have indicated that we may not further develop the airport, e.g., add any more buildings, without first obtaining a Site location of Development Permit. Despite the persistent and valiant efforts of Dufresne-Henry Engineer Bill Gerrish on our behalf, the DEP has declared that we have exceeded the thresholds allowed for post-1975 development at the airport, and that we must obtain a permit before proceeding, even with a single additional hangar. The kicker is that the permit in question WILL be obtained as part of the pre-engineer work scheduled for 2003, prior to the main runway reconstruction in 2004. We have asked the DEP to allow us to proceed with limited development this summer, and to be allowed to include such development in our plans for 2004. Similar actions have been allowed at airports in Knox County and also in Bethel. But the DEP seems to believe that these precedents do not apply to Greenville's situation. I have asked Bill Gerrish to come to a meeting here at the Town Office Thursday, June 20 at 11:00 AM to discuss this issue

9. Bingo License Renewal - Holy Family Catholic Church: I recommend approval.

10. Any other business for the Board

11. Warrants

12. Adjourn

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