Greenville Selectmen's Meeting
June 07, 2001 - 7:0 PM
Multi-Purpose Room, Elementary School

The meeting will be preceded by a 7:00 PM Public Hearing on the request for a Special Amusement Permit by the Black Frog Restaurant. The public is encouraged to attend and comment.

1. Minutes

2. Election of Board Officers: The municipal election will be complete by the date of this meeting, and a replacement for Selectman Paul Breton (who has retired from public service for the time being) will be in office by this date. The Board should elect its Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary.

3. Liquor-License Renewals: We have renewal requests for Flatlanders Pub and Graves Seafood. Our Police Chief reports that there have not been any incidents at these establishments involving alcohol. We recommend renewal.

4. Special Amusement Permit, Black Frog Restaurant: A public hearing will have been held just prior to the Selectmen's Meeting. The request for the permit is for “solo / duo music, or comedy, magic”.

5. Dumpsters: I have met with representatives from the Wilson Pond Campowners Association (exact title of association eludes me) to visit other possible sites for a dumpster. Since our last meeting, a representative from the Greenville Hydroelectric Company has called me back and confirmed that the first site we picked is not suitable to them (as the owners) due to liability reasons. The DEP has confirmed that the stump dump location would not be suitable as it is considered “off-site”, and therefore would require all of the requirements as the landfill (clay-bottom to the site, annual testing and review, attendant, etc.). Therefore, there are really only two remaining locations to consider (to my knowledge).

The first is at the so-called “Schoolhouse Rock” site. An access road on the edge of the property line to the old MacDonald Farm is partially owned by the farm owner, and partially owned by the Town. Unfortunately, the first half of the road is owned privately. If permission were given, we could improve this road with some gravel, and create a gravel pad site within the woods on the Town's property near the airport. In my opinion, there is ample protection from the wind due to the trees to keep rubbish from blowing everywhere. Moreover, the dumpster would not visible to or accessed from the airport. It is possible, but the only three obstacles for this to occur would be (1) clearance from the FAA and MDOT, (2) permission from the landowner, and (3) the cost to develop the road and the site and install a fence. The DEP says that so long as the dumpster is “on-site”, they do not need to review its location. I will have more details for you at the meeting.

The second site would be the access road within the Rum Ridge Association area, just before their sign. The road looks like a snowmobile trail, and is partially closed off with some small boulders. If these boulders were moved, and some trees were cut or trimmed, the site could house a dumpster easily. The land is owned by the association, according to our tax maps. Common opinion is that the Rum Ridge Association would not want this site used in this way: I will make contact with officials with the Rum Ridge Association to see what they think.

For the time being, residents from this area are using the landfill and/or the recycling center to dispose of their trash. Please give me some direction on this and I will proceed accordingly. As an aside, I would suggest that the Board consider a long-term solution which would include ceasing curbside pickup of trash and instead allow for curbside pickup of recyclable materials. This could result in the expansion of curbside pickup of recyclables to some of the outlying areas, and leave rubbish pickup to be a commercial venture between the resident and the rubbish contractor. I would also suggest a straw poll be taken at Town Meeting to see if residents might support this in the future.

6. Stump Dump: Following a field inspection by Karen Knuuti of the DEP, it appears that the site we have used for collection of stumps at the airport may be disallowed by the state. In order to collect stumps from “off-site”, the DEP requires a license. There are two components of the license which we may not be able to meet: a 75' setback from the nearest road, and a soil test. Following the site visit, Karen said she would revisit the setback requirements and see if there is any way we could be allowed as is. She also questions whether the soil will meet the requirement. If we can get through the setback requirement, I will have a soil scientist test the soil. IF that were to pass as well, we could be licensed immediately. If not, we will have to close the site and either remove the material which is there now, or cover it with gravel. Code Enforcement Officer Dick Gould and I will work on options prior to the meeting. The DEP suggests that we use the landfill site as it is currently licensed to receive stump material. The old burn area – where the ash is being moved to the hill as intermittent cover – could be a site to receive stumps. We should consider collection them there and then having them ground commercially with a tub grinder. As there would be a cost to this, we should develop a fee system to go along with this. If the stumps are not ground up, their volume will add up quickly and tremendously. I will have more information for you at the meeting.

7. Airport Hangar Leases: This issue was tabled at the last meeting. I would encourage the Board to go along with my recommendation to approve the marketing of several hangar lots, any development costs borne solely by the leasees, and the typical fee schedule for the lease maintained.

7. Greenville Gazebo Concert Series: At the last meeting of the Board of Selectmen, I requested support from the Board for a pilot-program in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce, North Country Healthy Communities, and the downtown business community for a four-week concert series in the gazebo. The Board took action to support this initiative, and to expend up to $1,000 from the Economic Development Account toward this project.

Since then, the business community has more than matched the Town's commitment, with over $1,500 pledged or given at this time. North Country Healthy Communities will likely be able to pay for the most expensive band being sought (estimated cost $750). The total anticipated budget for this project has been $2,500, which we have now in commitments. We are booking bands, leading off with Sangerville's Douty Hill Band Friday, July 20, and other bands filling in the following three Fridays until August 10. The Community Band in Dover-Foxcroft has offered to come and play in our Gazebo Thursday, July 19, which would allow for a “double-header” (Thursday and Friday performances) to start our project. The extra funding can go for more advertising for the event. I recommend that the Town stage a dedication of the Gazebo for Thursday or Friday, July 19 or 20. Another option would be Wednesday night, July 18, a regular Selectmen's meeting night. I would like to hear your ideas.

9. Fourth of July Update and Roadblock Request: Moosehead Lake Region Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Stephanie Gardner will be at the meeting to give an update to the Fourth of July activities, and to ask permission to have a voluntary roadblock on Route 15 to collect funds for the Chamber. I have explained to Stephanie the Board's concerns about parity with the Fire Department, which has been told it may not hold roadblocks to raise money. Also, last year's roadblock by the Chamber was perceived to be a fund-raiser for fireworks, but to date, no funds for fireworks have been received by the Town from this Chamber fund-raiser. Before we get to this year's events, Stephanie and I both want the Town and the Chamber to both understand exactly what is planned and what is intended.

10. Community Development Block Grant Paperwork: This past week, I attended a two-day workshop on the CDBG program in Augusta. As you know, we have been invited to Phase II of the CDBG program for two grant applications in the Town's name: Community Planning and Housing Assistance. There are numerous assurances which need to be in place in order to proceed. I will have the paperwork ready for your review and signature at the meeting.

11. Agreement to Proceed with Commercial Valuation of Greenville Steam Plant: Pending approval of funds at Town Meeting, the Board will have the option to sign a contract with George K. Lagassa, PhD., ASA, to complete a commercial appraisal of the Greenville Steam Plant. Chairman of the Board of Selectmen Gene Murray, Assessor Bob Duplissea, Greenville Steam Plant Manager Scott Hersey, Attorney Erik Stumpfel, Mr. Lagassa and myself met May 31 in the Town Office to discuss how the appraisal will be conducted and how we could proceed from here. Mr. Lagassa will send me a standard contract for the Board to consider at this meeting. Again, the Greenville Steam Plant and the Town will jointly share ownership of the finished appraisal report, and will also evenly split the cost of the report (estimated at $10,000). A review appraisal may be done, if necessary. The Town cannot be bound by the outcome of the appraisal, but will take the information collected into consideration in completing the 2001-2002 assessed value of the Greenville Steam Plant. All parties at the May 31 meeting felt this joint approach was the best way to go. I recommend that the Board sign the contract and allow Mr. Lagassa to proceed with the appraisal.

12. Warrants

13. Adjourn

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