Greenville Selectmen's Meeting
June 5, 2002 - 6:30 PM at Greenville Municipal Building

1. Minutes – May 1 and May 15, 2002

2. Liquor License Renewal – Flatlander's Pub: Neither Chief Alexander nor I have any issues with this establishment, and we subsequently recommend approval of the request for renewal of the liquor license.

3. Nomination Forms for Maine Municipal Association's Election of Executive Committee and Legislative Policy Committee: I request that the Board of Selectmen support my efforts to be re-elected to MMA's Legislative Policy Committee. There is also the opportunity to nominate an individual to serve on MMA's Executive Committee (of which I was an elected member in 2001). MMA is always looking for elected officials to serve on these committees: members of the Board of Selectmen may want to considering running as a candidate for this position.

4. Monthly Report from Police Chief Duane Alexander

5. Request for Additional Dumpster at Ridge Parkway (Highlands): Allison Miller of Richmond, who owns property at the Highlands, has called and asked if a second dumpster could be placed at Ridge Parkway. The reason for her request is that the first dumpster quickly fills up and the loose litter becomes a nuisance. I told her I would add her request to the agenda: she may be able to drive up from Richmond for the meeting to discuss her concerns directly with the Board. The only extra dumpster which the Town owns is the one which is currently placed at the landfill for collection of cardboard. We do have funds to purchase another dumpster – this has been carried forward for two years now. In discussion with rubbish contractor Sean Bolen, it has been his experience in the Highlands that the current dumpster ends up with a bag of trash on top of the cover, and when no one is willing to move it in order to throw more trash inside the dumpster, the public assumes the dumpster is full, and they leave their trash outside. One time when he found a mountain of trash on and around the closed dumpster, Sean discovered only four bags of trash inside the nearly empty dumpster. Based on this information, I do not recommend the placement of another dumpster at Ridge Parkway, unless a more compelling argument can be made.

6. Implementation of Recycling Enhancement Ordinance and Landfill Stickers: I recommend that both of these items be implemented July 1, 2002. I will discuss details at the meeting – some items you may want to consider at the next meeting.

7. Proclamation for Acadian Railway: As part of our welcome of Acadian Railway to our community (first train arrives Sunday at 4:00 PM), I suggest the Board adopt a proclamation formally welcoming the railroad company. I will also have details for you regarding the planned reception for Sunday at 5:00 PM: I hope members of the Board will be able to attend.

8. Report on Meeting with Piscataquis County Commissioners Regarding Fire Services Contract: Tuesday, June 4, the Piscataquis County Commissioners will discuss the Town's letter of April 29, 2002, asking for the addition of Frenchtown Twp. to the cost-sharing agreement, and to discuss parity with other municipal / UT fire protection contracts. I will report to you the contents of the meeting.

9. Craft-Sheriden Scholarships: There has been a question raised about the compatibility of one of the scholarships granted by the Board of Selectmen this year and the requirements stated by the founders of the scholarship itself.

10. Warrants & Adjourn

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