Greenville Selectmen's Meeting
May 2, 2001 - 6:30 PM - Greenville Municipal Building

An Informational Meeting regarding the proposed “Public Indecency Ordinance” will be held at 6:30 PM in the Municipal Building. At the conclusion of this meeting, the Selectmen's Meeting will convene in the same location.

1. Minutes

2. Public Indecency Ordinance: After the Informational Meeting, the Board of Selectmen will have the opportunity to either (1) remove or retain the proposed ordinance from the Town Meeting Warrant, (2) leave the proposed ordinance to be decided by a show of hands at Town Meeting, or to include it as a referendum question to be decided in the same manner as the election of municipal officers, and (3) to decide whether or not to make a recommendation to the public regarding the passage of this article (if still included in the warrant). Please consider carefully these questions as the potential liabilities and financial costs involved with the enforcement of this ordinance are quite severe.

3. Procurement Procedures with the School: Chairman Dick Gould has requested a meeting between the School Committee and the Board of Selectmen to see where we might find ways to combine requests for goods and services and share in the benefits of economy of scale procurement. In short, Dick and I have discussed having the Town go out to bid for both the Town's heating oil and the school's heating oil, and we want to know if this is OK with the two boards, and if there are any other goods or services we could procure together.

4. Judy Hayes from Consumer Maine Waters: Postponed from the last Selectmen's meeting, this visit from the President of Consumer Maine Waters, Inc., is simply to share with the Board the state of the company, and also to explain some upcoming projects. This is not a “bad news” meeting: this is simply an effort to keep lines of communication open and to share information. I have encouraged Judy to attend this meeting as the Town's guest.

5. URSUS Video Presentation: Pete Cummings from URSUS Productions is working with Stephanie Gardner at the Chamber of Commerce to develop four separate 23-minute promotional videos of the greater-Greenville area. The total cost of $15,000 is being share by dozens of businesses and organizations. Stephanie and Pete have asked me if the Town would be willing to make a contribution to this effort. I think it is an excellent idea: we should have a promotional video which we can send to prospective businesses looking to relocate here. In fact, there may be a way to tailor one of the four videos specifically to the Town of Greenville's needs. I have invited Stephanie and Pete to make a presentation to the Board of Selectmen at this meeting.

I recommend that the Town become a $1,000 contributor to this video project, and that we work with the donors on the project to help tailor the contents of all four videos, and see if one could be more specific to the Town of Greenville. The funds I am recommending would come from the Economic Development Account, which has sufficient funds in it to allow for such an expenditure.

6. Public Works Garage / Recycling Center: The Board needs to decide at this meeting whether to (A) work with Allan Morrill to construct this building based on the design work of A.E. Hodsdon Engineers, or (B) to put this out to bid using bid documents prepared by A.E. Hodsdon. Whichever decision the Board makes, I strongly urge you move quickly to ensure that we have a signed contract for the construction of this building no later than June 1, 2001, to ensure that the building is completed in this current construction season. If you wish to go out to bid, I recommend advertising immediately, and closing the bids on May 16 so that you may make a decision at your regularly scheduled meeting that night.

7. Snowmobile Trail Program: There were many questions asked this past winter about how the program will run next season. I feel strongly that the work done by this program is essential for the economic health and vitality of our Town. I think the program as a whole is a good one, and I recommend that we make some changes to make it run more smoothly next season and each season after. I think we can fix our machine, pay some part-time groomer operators, and improve the program as a whole STILL without using $1 of local property tax funds. Using ideas and information I have received from EJ Richardson and Paul Fichtner (Southbound and Northbound groomer coordinators), and also after consulting Scott Ramsey at the Department of Conservation, Snowmobile Trail Division, I have prepared my recommendations. I will have more information at the meeting.

8. Meeting with the Chamber of Commerce: I have met with the President of the Moosehead Lake Region Chamber of Commerce, and also Executive Director Stephanie Gardner. Both felt that the April 18 meeting was productive, and we have outlined some ways for the Town and the Chamber to work together better. We have set a date for a joint meeting of the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and for the Selectmen:

9. Property Tax Valuation Reduction Request: In your folders you will find a copy of a letter from an attorney representing a major Greenville business. The firm is asking for a 2001-2002 FY reduction of the value of the facility in question, and a more drastic reduction further in the future. This requires action by the Board of Assessors, and may involve legal consultation.

10. Craft-Sheriden Scholarships: I will have a list of applications for this scholarship – in the past, I believe the Board has gone into Executive Session to discuss the potential recipients of this scholarship.

11. Moosehead Marine Museum Silver Anniversary: I have prepared a resolution for the Board to sign commemorating this event.

12. Federal Grant for Fire Department: By the date of the meeting, the Town should have applied for funds through this new federal program for the purchase of certain fire equipment (the deadline is May 2, 2001). There is a limited amount of funding for this national program, and therefore a tremendous amount of competition. Fire Chief Mike Drinkwater and I have sent in an application for the funds for additional equipment: should we prove to be successful, the Town will need to provide a 25% match, which I would recommend come from the Fire Department Reserve Account. If we are not successful in our application, this will be a moot point. If we are successful, the Board may or may not want to grant permission for expense of these funds. I will have an application available for you at the meeting.

13. Rum Ridge Dumpster: Last winter, I asked the Board for permission to place an article in the newspaper telling the public that Town solid waste dumpsters are not to have gas, oil, paint, or other hazardous materials placed within them, or they may be removed from service. The dumpster at Rum Ridge has had such materials placed in it more than once. I also asked for the Board's permission to place a sign on the dumpster itself, stating that if such materials are found in the dumpster, it may be removed from the site. Sean Bolen, our rubbish removal contractor, informed me this morning that last Monday he crushed yet another container of used motor oil left inside that dumpster, and that this morning he hauled out a half-dozen or more cans of paint. I instructed Sean to remove the dumpster from the Rum Ridge road site and to place it at the recycling center for the time being. I would like to write a letter to the editor, or run an ad in the newspaper, explaining why this was done. I will attach a copy of such a letter for your consideration.

14. Warrants

15. Adjourn

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