Greenville Selectmen's Meeting
May 1, 2002 - 6:30 PM at Greenville Municipal Building

1. Police Chief's Report: Police Chief Duane Alexander will be present to give an update on the activities of his department, and to answer any questions you may have for him.

2. Review Foreclosed Properties: In March, the Board of Selectmen directed me to advise the previous owners of properties on which the Town had foreclosed to pay the total amount of taxes due (plus interest) within 30 days, to enter into a payment agreement to accomplish the same, or the Town would begin the process to sell the properties in order to satisfy the taxes owed. I have heard from all of the agents for all of the properties in question, some of whom have paid significant amounts toward the total amount of tax due. Some have not. I will have all of the details and my recommendations for you at the meeting.

3. Recycling Issues: At the last meeting, the Board of Selectmen agreed to decide how to proceed with the proposed ordinance prohibiting recyclable materials from entering the landfill. I believe the issues the Board has to decide are as follows:
A. Wording of Ordinance (draft attached)
B. Requirements for Landfill Contractor to Enforce the Ordinance
C. Curbside Pickup of Recyclables & Renewal of Rubbish Collection Contract
D. Purchase of Recycling Bins for the Public
I will have for you some information from the engineers at CES, Inc. regarding the likely impact such an ordinance will have on the landfill. I will also have some recommendations for you regarding 3A. through 3D. above.

4. Proposed Fee for Appliances at Greenville Landfill: Considering the cost to remove the freon from appliances at the landfill is currently $6 per appliance, and that it has cost the Town to have appliances and metal removed from the landfill, I recommend that the Town institute a fee system for appliances deposited at the landfill. I would recommend the Board adopt a policy of $10 per appliance which requires freon removal, and $5 for every other appliance deposited at the landfill. The fee system should work the same as the tire system: the landfill sticker owner pays for the appliance(s) at the Town Office, and the receipt must be shown to the landfill attendant in order to leave the appliance. Such a policy would need to be adopted at Town meeting (I have added it to the proposed town meeting warrant). I recommend the Board present this at the May 15 public hearing on the recycling ordinance, and also carry this forward to Town Meeting.

5. Landfill Sticker System: The Board has shown interest in the past on adopting a landfill sticker system which can change each year. I have some information on prices for the stickers, and I have information regarding how other communities have implemented the system. I will present this at the meeting.

6. Review Truck Bids: At the March 6 meeting, the Board of Selectmen requested that the Town go out to bid for a new dump / plow truck for Public Works. The Board specified that we get prices for BOTH a wheeler or a single-axle truck. We have done so. The bids will close on Wednesday, May 1: I plan to have the bids opened, witnessed, and summarized for your review after 4:00 PM Wednesday. If the bid prices are close, Mike Thornton and I still recommend purchase of the wheeler due to its multiple uses and greater hauling capacity.

7. Update on Public Works Garage: Mike Thornton will be present to discuss progress on the Public Works Garage. We have ordered and received the necessary resin compound to seal the cracks in the floor: that should be done by the time of the Selectmen's meeting. Mike and I will present a list of items left to be completed. I recommend the Board authorize me to set a deadline for completion of the remaining items or the Town will hire someone else to complete the work at the original contractor's expense. Also, I request the Board's direction for who should pay for the engineer who reviewed the concrete floor for us, as well as the purchase of the resin to seal the floor. I recommend the total cost be shared somehow between the contractor and the Town (50/50?) as we did not ask for cracks in the floor, nor did we specify sealing the floor.

8. Land Clearing at Airport and Industrial Park: At my request, Mike Thornton has contacted both Rex Lee and Steve Mason, the only two contractors in Greenville we are aware of who have the capacity to both harvest and to chip the wood on these Town-owned properties. We will have their estimates for the Board's consideration at the meeting.

9. Streetlight Ad Hoc Committee: I will present the names I have at the meeting for your consideration to be appointed to this ad hoc committee, as per my previous proposal (attached).

10. Proposed Fee Structure for Building and Related Permits: Dick Gould and I have proposed the attached fee structure for the fees he collects. It is a 10% increase in the current fees. Considering the volume of development underway in Greenville, and the complicated nature of identifying development limitations and prohibitions due to zoning, proximity to a water body or wetland, subdivision issues, etc., it would make sense for more of the cost for having a code enforcement officer and planning board be borne by those requiring those services. Dick will be present to answer any questions you may have.

11. Town Report & Town Meeting: At this meeting, I will present to you a draft of the proposed Town Meeting warrant, ask you if you would like to include a dedication in this year's report (long-time aviator and Greenville resident Dick Folsom has been suggested), and to see if you will approve an insert to the Town Report which would list definitively WHEN the Town Office, Recycling Center, and Landfill will be open and closed throughout the coming fiscal year.

12. Abatement Request: Michael and Annegret Cukierski, owners of the now-destroyed apartment building on the corner of Evelyth Hill and Pritham Avenue, have requested a tax abatement. Our assessor has prepared a recommendation. I recommend the Board of Assessors grant the abatement as per the assessor's agent's recommendation.

13. Craft-Sheridan Scholarship Applications: Dave Morrill and Cindy Hanscom have prepared the applications and the current balance for the account. Consideration of the applications should be taken up in Executive Session. I encourage you to contact David Morrill with any questions you may have prior to the Wednesday meeting as he will not be available to meet with you at that time.

14. Warrants

15. Adjourn

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