Greenville Selectmen's Meeting
April 17, 2002 - 6:30 PM at Greenville Municipal Building

1. Public Hearing and Subsequent Action – Requested Street Name Change from Piper Drive to Hofbauer Drive A request has been made by Jack Hofbauer to change this street name. As per the protocol established by the Board of Selectmen, a Public Hearing has been scheduled and advertised, and the affected property owners have been notified. Mr. Hofbauer is willing to pay for the new street sign: the change in the street name will be updated through the E-911 Council once the addressing maintenance update is next complete by the addressing officer: there is no additional cost to the Town. Pending any opposition at the public hearing, I recommend the Board of Selectmen grant this request and change the street name to Hofbauer Drive.

2. Minutes – Meeting of April 3, 2002

3. Discussion of Revaluation Issues: Agent to the Board of Assessors Bob Duplissea was in the office all day Monday, April 8. During this time, Chairman Gene Murray, Town Clerk Roxanne Lizotte, Attorney Erik Stumpfel and I discussed several valuation issues with Bob. By consensus from that meeting, it seems that a revaluation will be necessary in the near future: the earliest Bob can accommodate us is 2006, but that subsequent revaluations will be far less expensive or difficult once this initial field and computer work is completed. Gene and I will have more details for the Board at this meeting.

4. Abatement Request – Greenville Housing Corporation: Tabled from the last two meetings, I encourage the Board of Assessors to take action on this request. I have forwarded my recommendations to you, and urge you to follow them.

5. Estimate for Cutting Wood Off Lots in Industrial Park and Airport: Co-Owner Jonel Carrier of E.J. Carrier, Inc. met with Public Works Foreman Mike Thornton and I last Wednesday. He has given us a price for clearing all of the wood and brush off the remaining town-owned lots in the industrial park, and also for clearing the wood and brush from the airport, where our new hangars will go. The cost at the airport will be $0: the stumpage will off-set the cost of clearing and harvesting. The cost at the industrial park, but the trees are smaller and sparser, would be no more than $200 per acre. We currently own 7 more lots in the industrial park, with a total approximate acreage of 21 acres. Due to some wet areas, there will need to be some 75' buffer zones established around some sections. Therefore, the total amount of acreage to clear will decrease: I believe the Town's total cost would be no more than $2,000. Code Enforcement Officer Dick Gould, PW Foreman Mike Thornton and I plan to flagg the wet areas and to establish the required 75' buffer zones around them. I recommend that the Board authorize E.J. Carrier to clear the land at the airport for no cost, and to clear what land is permitted to be cleared in the Industrial Park, paying for the work from the Economic Development Account. Furthermore, I recommend the cost per acre we will pay to clear these lots be added to the per-lot sale price for these remaining 7 lots, effectively increasing their per-acre value from $1,100 to $1,300. The Town will then recoup ALL of its money for this operation from future lot sales. I recommend E.J. Carrier as his is the closest operation with the capacity to both mechanically clear the lots and also to chip the wood on site. I firmly believe this action at the airport and the industrial park will greater increase interest in both industrial park lot sales and airport hangar lot leases.

6. Potential Sale of Industrial Park Lot: Not only is E.J. Carrier interested in clearing our lots in the Industrial Park, but the company is also interested in purchasing two lots in the park – the two at the end of Cota's Drive. The company would construct a truck garage for repair and maintenance, and likely a separate out-building for storage. I have asked Jonel Carrier to meet with the Selectmen at this meeting: if his plans are consistent with the Selectmen's intentions for these lots, then I encourage you to sell the lots to E.J. Carrier Trucking for the established prices.

7. Liquor License Renewal – Rod 'N Reel Café: Standard request for renewal – Police Chief Duane Alexander and I recommend approval.

8. Proposed First Meeting to Regionalize Greenville Municipal Airport: Before this fiscal year ends, I would like to call together all of the partners in the municipal airport and discuss how we might make this a regional airport. I will present the date and time at the meeting: I will also propose a content and strategy for the meeting for your consideration. Please share any changes you would like to see.

9. Presentation on Costs Savings of Mandatory Recycling: 8. I strongly suggest that the Board of Selectmen take steps to increase recycling in Greenville. An ordinance prohibiting recyclable materials from the landfill would accomplish this. As a first step toward making the case for this action, I am working on some revised figures for the cost savings of pulling recyclable material out of the waste stream which enters the landfill.

10. Final Review of Municipal Budget Proposal FY2002-2003: 8. The Board of Selectmen has completed its review of the budget I have presented for the coming year. The Budget Committee has completed its review and recommendations as well. All that remains is (1) review of suggested carry-forward figures, (2) possible inclusion of reserve funds for future revaluation of real property, (3) possible inclusion of funds associated with implementation of a mandatory recycling ordinance. I would also like your general comments for any items you would like included in the Town Meeting warrant, besides the usual fiscal articles.

11. Opening Bids for Sale of 1990 Corsica Police Cruiser: I recommend selling this vehicle to the highest bidder and placing the proceeds into the police cruiser reserve account.

12. Quit-Claim Deed for Sale of Lot #2 to Pelletier & Pelletier, Inc.: Copy attached – I recommend approval. Joe Pelletier, Sr. has already made full payment for the lot.

13. Streetlight Ad Hoc Committee: I have had two requests for streetlights. I have prepared a recommendation for how to meet these requests without increasing our budget. I recommend creation of an ad hoc committee, as per my recent memorandum.

14. Agreement with MDOT for Receipt and Use of Snow Removal Equipment for Greenville Municipal Airport: The attached agreement must be signed prior to the MDOT adding our equipment requests to the group bid. We have sufficient funds for this equipment (our cost 5% of the total). This equipment will lessen wear and tear on Town-owned equipment, and will lessen the time it takes to clear the airport of snow. I recommend the Board authorize me to sign this agreement and to proceed with the procurement of a new snowblower, front-end loader and snow pusher for exclusive use at the airport (total estimated cost to the Town: ~$7,000).

15. Request to Sandblast and Paint the Front-End Loader and Grader: Public Works Foreman Mike Thornton and I have discussed the need to sandblast and to paint these two pieces of equipment. The paint is gone on the lower sections of these, and rust is building. We expect to keep these pieces of equipment for some time, and feel it would be best if we stripped and painted them. Mike has a quote for this work, which will be available at the meeting. There is more than sufficient funds in the equipment accounts to pay for this maintenance ($42,320 for the loader and $25,575 for the grader), which will prolong the life of the equipment and will increase their resale value. I recommend approval for this work.

16. Warrants

17. Adjourn

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