Greenville Selectmen's Meeting
April 3, 2002 - 6:30 PM at Greenville Municipal Building

1. Minutes

2. Request to Purchase Lot in the Industrial Park: An individual has approached me regarding the purchase of Lot #2 in the Industrial park, which sits on the corner of Sheridan Circle and Cota Drive. I spoke with him, and he is willing to pay the asking price based on roughly $1,100 per acre. He intends to construct a building to house a welding shop, with a small trailer out front for an office. He intended to employ more than one person, although he thinks his business may slack off in the Spring (as does most business in Greenville). Further, he intends to begin construction this summer, but may not have his building complete by next Spring. I told him he should speak with the Board of Selectmen, but that I suspected a work schedule could be worked out for completion of a building and for the intention of one full-time job. I have not listed his name here as he has yet to confirm that he will be available for this meeting. I recommend working with him to complete this sale and to encourage his business.

3. MDOT Project on Lily Bay Road: There will be a public hearing on this project April 11, 2002 in the High School Auditorium. I urge the Board members to try to attend. I would like to hear your thoughts on the construction of a new sidewalk along Lily Bay road, in particular on the corner by Wortman's Store. I have asked the MDOT engineers to prepare a cost estimate for such a sidewalk: their policy is that any existing sidewalk during a project of this magnitude will be rebuilt at the MDOT's expense, but that new sidewalk is done at the municipality's expense. The last I knew, the MDOT had internal mechanisms to pay for such improvements by withholding part of a municipality's local roads funds over time to finance such improvements. I believe this corner is dangerous, and needs to have a sidewalk installed around it somehow. Would the Board favor construction of such a sidewalk, even if it cost us some of our local roads monies to complete it? I do not as yet have their cost estimate. Pending their figures, I recommend construction of a new sidewalk here, financed through our local roads monies.

4. Tax Abatement Request – Greenville Housing Corporation: The Board of Assessors heard a month ago from representatives of the Greenville Housing Corporation regarding their request for abatement of the property taxes in the current year. The Board tabled the abatement, and should answer the request within 60 days or else it will automatically be denied. Further, the Greenville Housing Corporation has filed its notification of intent to change its federal tax code status to become property tax exempt. Under Maine Law, the property will not become 100% exempt, but will follow one of several routes to become roughly 50% exempt. I do not believe this notification requires Board action: I recommend the notification be discussed with Agent to the Board of Assessors Bob Duplissea when he is in the office next week.

5. Review of Proposed FY2002-2003 Budget: The Board met in a special meeting Monday, April 1 to review the budget proposal. After getting through over of the proposed budget, the Board decided to adjourn and take up the second half at this meeting April 3, 2002. After this review is complete, the Board's recommendations will be added to the budget proposal and the complete document will be ready for review by the Budget Committee Thursday, April 4 at 7:00 PM at the Multi-Purpose Room in the Nickerson Elementary School.

6. Other Business / Announcements: : This meeting agenda is much lighter than usual. I have added this item for any pertinent additions by Board members or staff.

7. Warrants:

8. Adjourn

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