Greenville Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes

6:30 PM Wednesday, April 21, 2010 – Municipal Building


Present at meeting:             

    X    Chair Eugene F. Murray, Sr.                      X     Vice-Chair Alan McBrierty        X     Selectman Bruce Hanson      

        Selectman Ellen Edgerly                               X      Selectman Richard Peat             X     Town Manager John Simko

    X    Others:


Diana Bowley of the BDN; Jon Hilton and Heidi St. Jean of the Moosehead Messenger; Jonathan Pratt of Moosehead Matters; Stu Hedstrom of the Piscataquis Observer; Bob Hamer of the Moosehead Lake Region Chamber of Commerce; Wayne MacArthur of Greenville; Ken Snowdon of the Moosehead ATV Club; Becky Brown of School Union #60; The Hon. Pete Johnson, Representative for District #27 and School Committee member; The Hon. Dick Gould, former Legislator and current School Committee Chairman; Former Police Chief Mickey Squiers; Current Police Chief Jeff Pomerleau; Mary Hachey of Beaver Cove; Mike Hachey of Beaver Cove; John Owens of Greenville; Tammy Vraux of Greenville; Richard Elsemore of Greenville; Cindi Kinney of Freedom; Mark Nickerson of Unity; Bill Squiers of South Portland; Sam and Amanda Squiers of Greenville; S. Squiers of Harford’s Point Twp. and South Portland; Dorothy Weymouth of Auburn; Patty White of Greenville; Steve White of Greenville; Ralph Johnson of Greenville.



1.                  Minutes from Meeting of April 7, 2010:


Motion to Accept:            Alan                            Second to Motion:     Richard


Motion Passed by vote of:          4-0.


2.                  Public Comment Period:            Town Manager John Simko made note of presentation held earlier in the afternoon by students from the University of Maine who completed a “first impressions” assessment of the Greenville community from the perspective of visiting tourists.  The presentation was made by Roger Merchant’s class at the Greenville Inn from 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM April 21 and was attended by more than a dozen community and local business leaders.  Copies of their presentation will be circulated to the members of the Board of Selectmen.


3.                  Additions or Deletions to the Agenda:  Add the Homestead Exemption Reimbursement form;

Add a liquor license request for a catered wedding reception at the Greenville Municipal Airport;

Appoint Bonnie DuBien to Budget Committee.


                  The Board of Selectmen agreed by consensus to these additions.


4.                  Proposed FY10-11 Municipal Budget:  By the date of this meeting, the Board of Selectmen will have held budget workshop meetings with the Town Manager and selected department heads at least 5 times from February to April.  This year’s municipal budget has been complicated to create due to proposed changes to the structure of public works, and details of the closure plan for the landfill.  The goal of this year’s budget has been to hold the cost of government services to the property taxpayer constant this year as compared to last.  This budget proposal attempts to do so.  Upon approval by the Board of Selectmen this budget will be sent to the Budget Committee for recommendations: the budget committee is scheduled to meet at 6:30 PM April 27 and 29, 2010.


Motion:     Send municipal budget as discussed and recommended to date with following adjustments / conditions:



-                      implement Town Manager’s recommendations for 3% COLAs for selected positions (for employees who are scheduled to work 20 hours per week or more year-round and for whom other wage adjustments are not already being made).

-                      Fund part-time laborer / operator position for Public Works Department at 32 hrs. / week year round (rather than having two seasonal part-time positions).

-                      Make adjustments to Solid Waste Budget as information becomes available from DEP and engineers regarding estimated costs for landfill closure and/or changes in entities using the landfill.

-                      After Budget Committee makes recommendations, the Selectmen will review the budget again on May 5 before finalizing for Town Meeting June 1.


Motion Made By:            Bruce                          Second to Motion:     Richard


Motion Passed by vote of:          4-0.



5.                  School Project Referendum Warrant:  School Superintendent Heather Perry has requested that the Board of Selectmen sign necessary documents for posting the warrant for the referendum question for the school renovation project.  Superintendent Perry has another obligation at the time of this meeting, but members of the School Committee will be present to discuss this project and the need for the referendum warrant.


Motion:     Sign warrant and related paperwork for required school bond referendum vote for proposed $2 million HVAC and plumbing improvements to Oakes Building.  Encourage Board members to attend public hearings for this project scheduled for 7:00 PM April 28 and May 20 in Louis Oakes Auditorium.


Motion Made By:            Bruce                          Second to Motion:     Richard


Motion Passed by vote of:          4-0.



6.                  Police Chief’s Report:     In addition to Chief Pomerleau’s report, the Chief and I will present the procurement plan for hiring a full-time officer to replace the sergeant position, which is vacant.  Also, Chief Pomerleau has a special presentation to make to honor the heroic efforts of a former police chief many years ago.


Chief Pomerleau gave a brief report on operations and presented a medal for heroism to former Police Chief Mickey Squiers for having saved a young boy from drowning in Greenville decades ago (but for which he was never formally recognized).


Motion:     Run want-add for full-time police officer as recommended by Police Chief and Town Manager, application period to close 4:00 PM Friday, May 14, review of applications and creation of hiring committee to be done at May 19 Selectmen’s Meeting.


Motion Made By:            Bruce                          Second to Motion:     Richard


Motion Passed by vote of:          4-0.


7.                  Petition for ATV Access Route Continuation: On Friday, April 16, the Town office received a signed petition from approximately 50 business owners and residents along Pritham Avenue, requesting that the Pritham Avenue ATV route be allowed to continue for operation even after the proposed “perimeter trail” is completed and opened for use.  Moosehead Lake Region Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Bob Hamer and local business leaders are planning to attend the Selectmen’s meeting to further explain this request.


Motion:     Create a straw vote ballot question for use in the June 8, 2010 municipal election with two questions: do you favor the creation of a permanent, seasonal ATV access route along Pritham Avenue and also along Lily Bay Road to Foss Street (exact language to be determined).  The Board’s intention is to take action on these two ATV Access Route requests at their June 16, 2010 meeting following the municipal election.


Motion Made By:            Bruce                          Second to Motion:     Richard


Motion Passed by vote of:          4-0.



8.                  Associate Membership – Wilson Pond Association:     Ralph Johnson of the Wilson Pond Association has requested that the Town of Greenville consider paying $75 as an associate member of this road association in consideration for use of the road for public purposes such as hauling sand and gravel and police patrol.  Various contractors which use this road have already purchased this membership.  This is the only private road which the Town of Greenville’s Public Works Department has used on a regular basis over the years to haul gravel and sand. 


Motion:     Donate $75 to the Wilson Pond Association in lieu of an associate membership – take cost of donation from winter sand account.


Motion Made By:            Bruce                          Second to Motion:     Richard


Motion Passed by vote of:          4-0.



9.                  Letter of Resignation – Public Works Foreman:         Public Works Foreman Mike Thornton has submitted his resignation effective June 29, 2010.  Mike has worked for the Town for over 16 years.  As Town Manager, I greatly appreciate Mike’s dedication and loyalty to the Town over these years.  I recommend an in-house posting for the position of Foreman, and an open-hiring for the proposed part-time position for summer and winter.


Agreed by consensus to accept Mike Thornton’s letter of resignation with a great deal of thanks for his many years of dedicated service to the Town of Greenville.



10.              Solid Waste Cost-Sharing with Other Jurisdictions:   The Board of Selectmen should meet with officials from the other jurisdictions which currently utilize the Landfill to discuss further how cost-sharing will be accomplished in the future.  I recommend the meeting with Beaver Cove, Shirley and Piscataquis County officials be held at 6:30 PM Wednesday, April 28, 2010 at the Meeting Hall.


Discussion only.




11.              Executive Session – Property Negotiations:


Motion:     Enter Executive Session to consider property negotiations at 21:03 and exit at 21:18.


Motion Made By:            Richard                      Second to Motion:     Alan


Motion Passed by vote of:          4-0.


[No action was taken after the Board returned from executive session.]


12.              Additions to the Agenda (if any):          Homestead Exemption Reimbursement Form


Motion:     Approve and sign this reimbursement form.


Motion Made By:            Bruce                          Second to Motion:     Richard


Motion Passed by vote of:          4-0.



Liquor License for Catered Wedding Reception at Max Folsom’s Hangar

(requested by Ellen Lakeman).


Motion:     Approve as requested.


Motion Made By:            Alan                            Second to Motion:     Bruce


Motion Passed by vote of:          4-0.



Appointment of Bonnie DuBien to Budget Committee.


Motion:     Appoint Bonnie to this committee.


Motion Made By:            Bruce                          Second to Motion:     Richard


Motion Passed by vote of:          4-0.


13.              “What’s on your mind?” – an opportunity for members of the Board of Selectmen to share questions, concerns, ideas or suggestions – informational only:


Bruce Hanson:     Asked if bathrooms at Junction Wharf could be kept open until 8:00 PM.

Answer from Police Chief:         Last summer Police Department began closing and locking these bathrooms at dusk and will plan to do so again this year.

Answer from Town Manager:   Update to Junction Wharf construction project and timeline will be given to Selectmen at May 5, 2010 meeting.


Alan McBrierty:  Noted that Public Works operators / laborers Chris Bussell and Paul Sikes did a great job sweeping the sidewalks and median strip along Pritham Avenue.  Alan and other Selectmen noted that they observed these two employees working straight ahead without a break for long periods of time.  Good job, Chris and Paul.


14.              Adjourn:  21:20.