Greenville Selectmen's Meeting
March 06, 2002 - 6:30 PM at Greenville Municipal Building

1. Minutes

2. Town Manager's 2002 Municipal Tax Rate Projection: For this meeting, I will have prepared my best guess for what will be the Town's total value, expected changes in revenue and expenditures from last year, and subsequently our likely mill rate range. I do this for the Board's benefit as you all seem to be most interested in what our bottom line will be prior to committing to any new proposals with budget impact. Be aware that it is early yet in the budget process, and that there are more variables this year than last. I'll give it my best shot.

3. Comprehensive Tax Reform Legislation Presentation – Geoff Herman, Director of State and Federal Relations, Maine Municipal Association: I have purposely placed Geoff Herman's presentation after my budget forecast in order to underscore the need for comprehensive tax reform in the State of Maine. I have discussed with the Board previously the aspects of this proposal, as well as my reasons for recommending that the Board support this Maine Municipal Association initiative. I do not see another way of effecting meaningful, long term property tax relief without getting deep into the bowls of the tax code and fixing its convoluted and inefficient "plumbing". Geoff Herman has offered to come and speak with the Board to better explain this detailed initiative, and to give all of you an update on the progress of the legislation. It is quite possible that significant changes will have occurred to the legislation by the time Geoff meets with the Board. I encourage you to keep an open mind, to listen to Geoff's update, and to ask as many questions as you need to in order to understand this proposal fully. Again, I urge the Board to support this legislation.

4. Piscataquis Properties Corporation: PCEDC Executive Director Mark Scarano will be at the meeting to present the details of the corporation being sought by the PCEDC as the necessary vehicle to develop a series of three speculation buildings throughout Piscataquis County. This is a follow-up on the last two presentations Mark has given to the Board. In particular, I will be recommending that the Board of Selectmen authorize me to act on behalf of the Town of Greenville to serve as an incorporator for this new entity at the March 27, 2002 scheduled incorporator's meeting, and to further authorize me to serve on the new Board of Director's on behalf of the Town of Greenville (unless you would rather have someone else serve in this capacity).

5. Tax Abatement Request – Greenville Housing Corporation: In your folders, you should find a formal abatement request from the Greenville Housing Corporation, very similar in design to the request the corporation submitted to the Board of Assessors last year. If the Board of Assessors fails to act on a tax abatement request within 60 days, the request is automatically denied.

6. New Wheeler: At a previous meeting, Public Works Foreman MikeThornton and I presented the need for replacing the 1986 F-8000 single-rear-axle plow truck. We both recommend replacing this unit with an identically outfitted truck as was purchased in FY2000-01: a dual-axle plow truck (wheeler). We currently have over $190,000 in the public works equipment reserve, and should have closer to $250,000 by the end of the fiscal year. Mike and I recommend the Board authorize us to go out to bid for a new wheeler and appropriate body and attachments in the month of March. It should take to the first Selectmen's meeting in April for the bids to return and for the Board to approve the purchase of a new truck. Once the order is placed, it will likely take 60 days for the truck to be built. Depending upon the backup and when we schedule to have the body and all of the attachments installed, it will take another 60-120 days for the truck to be complete. Under this proposed schedule, we would have more than $200,000 in the equipment accounts for the purchase, which should run between $100,000 and $115,000. Beginning the procurement process at this time should ensure that we have a finished product in time to haul winter sand, hopefully to do road work this summer. Mike and I recommend going to bid in March with the specifications we have prepared.

6a. Public Works Garage Update: Mike and I will present our findings to date. We won't have complete findings regarding the cracks in the floor, but I will share with you comments from Jim Lacadie of CES, Inc. during a recent telephone conversation . Also, we have an opportunity to have the interior of the building painted. Mike and I will share this information with you.

7. Municipal Building Options: Last month, I presented a series of seven options for improving our current municipal building. I asked you at that time to study these options, ask questions of others or me as necessary in order to narrow the options to two or three. The Board has given me some feedback already: I would like to narrow this further to 2-3 options, and then pursue them fully in regard to feasibility, cost, and time schedule. I will present you with some revised recommendations at the meeting.

8. Labor Issues: Again, these issues were tabled at the last meeting. I will present you with an update on each of the proposals, including a cost estimate for each, and my prioritized recommendations for implementation.

9. Town Manager's Two-Year Review: Chairman Gene Murray circulated evaluation forms to each of you regarding my review. If you are indeed ready to compile your results, you may wish to do so in Executive Session. I understand the typical procedure is for the Board to discuss the performance of the Manager, and for the Chairman to later meet with the Manager one-on-one to present the evaluation.

10. Warrants:

11. Adjourn

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